Are Conservative Principles Dead?

To answer my question….I think they are very dead and sadly they did not die a noble death.

For years I have pointed to the GOP 1956 platform as something that was issues that ALL Americans could support….

The Devolution of the GOP, From Eisenhower to Donald Trump

But let us look deeper into the party platform…


Those were the good old days for the GOP……

If you watched the CPAC 2021 then you heard nothing about principles….onlyn hat the election was stolen and Dems hate the country and Trump is the second coming of a savior…..where were those conservatives principles?


What are those conservatives principles of which I speak?

So sad that Repubs NO longer embrace the principles that made the GOP a great party.

Principles that they, the GOP, seldom followed after they embraced them vigorously.

All the GOP has left is a deep hatred of any Liberal…gone are the days of noble principles.

But let’s look at those now defunct principles one at a time……

Strong Families–without a good education or a good paying job the family cannot be strong and BS about abortion or which bathroom one should use does nothing to make a family strong.

Principled Innovated Leadership–The GOP has had NO innovations since 1956

Limited Government–This is nothing but a tagline these days…the GOP has expanded spending for decades….especially with war.

Honest Compassion–All Compassion left the party in 1980 with the election of Reagan.

Freedom–Subjective at best and is nothing but a campaign slogan or some theatrics from Ted Cruz.

Quality Education–Education has been in decline since the 1990s…so this principle no longer applies.

Rugged Individualism–This principle died with Trump….and the importance of social media.  These days it all about “me”… concern for the country or its people….as long as they get what they want then screw everyone else.

Personal Responsibility–No longer important in the days of social media that controls all for the party.

Opportunity For All–as long as one is white….minorities continue you to suffer….so the compassion thing comes into light again.

Conservative principles are dead….and looks like will be gone forever.  All they have left is political games that smack of reality TV.

More thoughts on the death of true conservatism….

As a student of political philosophy I have been telling people that conservatism is no longer active or relevant….especially in the 21st century.

Any thoughts?

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