Amazon Female Warriors

Did you see Wonder Woman or WW84?

Wonder Woman everybody’s favorite Amazon.

By Amazon I am talking about the warriors of legend not the rain forest or the business that is sucking the life out of local retail.

Yes the Amazons are the people of Wonder Woman….but were they real or just myth?

Were the Amazons of ancient Greek mythology — fierce female warriors said to have roamed a vast area around the Black Sea known as Scythia — real? Or were they as fictitious as other Greek myths, such as Aphrodite emerging from genitals thrown into the sea or Jason stealing a golden fleece?

Modern historians assumed that the Amazons, first documented by the poet Homer in the eighth century B.C., were fantasy. But then, in the 1990s, archaeologists began identifying ancient female skeletons buried in warrior graves in the same region.

Some skeletons were found with combat injuries, such as arrowheads embedded in their bones, and were buried with weapons that matched those held by Amazons in ancient Greek artwork, according to Adrienne Mayor, a research scholar in the classics department and History of Science Program at Stanford University. 

“Thanks to archaeology, we now know that Amazon myths, once thought to be fantasy, contain accurate details about steppe nomad women, who were the historical counterparts of mythic Amazons,” Mayor, who is also the author of “The Amazons: Lives and Legends of Warrior Women Across the Ancient World” (Princeton University Press, 2014), told Live Science in an email.

These nomadic warriors were part of an ancient group of tribes known as Scythians, who were masters of horseback riding and archery. They lived across a vast territory on the Eurasian steppe, stretching from the Black Sea to China, from about 700 B.C. to A.D. 500, Mayor wrote in Foreign Affairs magazine in 2015.

The Scythians were a hard-core people; they had a reputation for drinking excessive amounts of undiluted wine (unlike the Greeks, who mixed wine with water), imbibing fermented mare’s milk and even getting high on hemp, according to The British Museum. Frozen bodies of mummified Scythians preserved in permafrost reveal they were heavily tattooed with animals, according to the museum.

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13 thoughts on “Amazon Female Warriors

  1. Coolness, Chuq!

    Thank you so much for this history!

    Linda Carter was always my favorite Amazon, until I read the Darkover series, and the Oath of the Free Amazons, at which some fictional amazons on a planet far, far away became my new favorites. I no longer recall their names, but I am quite gratified to read of this Scythian break-off group.
    One had to be very very tough to survive on the Stepp, so it sort of makes sense that they’d come from up there.
    Thanks again!

    Stay safe,

    1. I am so pleased that your enjoyed the history….I try to give these lessons from time to time…..Carter was my favorite as well….enjoy your weekend chuq

      1. 🙂
        Ok, on to the next review, so I can get to report on the soon-to-be-born female warriors of the Anla’Shok! 🙂

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