Final Thoughts On The ‘Insurrection’

I apologize this draft has been hiding in my queue…..but it still has some validity.

Final that is unless there is some important breaking news….then I will write.

I let my thoughts be known after the attack on the Capitol with several posts….for those that would like to check those thoughts out……

After all the grief I took during my protest days in the 70s…..all the name calling such insults as ‘pinko’….I nor anyone with my group ever considered storming the Capitol and inflicting damage or harm to the staff and government offices.

I want the readers to ALWAYS remember the insurrection…..

Among the unique characteristics of American politics is our capacity to forget the unpleasant and inconvenient.

After a sitting president burgled his opponent’s headquarters and then tried to sack his entire Justice Department, his successor pardoned him in the service of “unity” and his party went on to thrive in the aftermath. Just over a decade later, there was an enormous scandal involving the secret sale of weapons to America’s top-profile international enemy to fund murderous paramilitaries on our own continent. The criminals involved were pardoned, the president involved feigned ignorance and then got the national capital’s airport named after him. Shortly thereafter, another Republican president lied the country into a costly and devastating war from which there remains no exit, then oversaw the worst natural disaster response in American history before catapulting the nation into the greatest economic calamity since the Great Depression. Within a decade, both parties seem to have forgotten that he even existed except to be seen as a respectable elder statesman at funerals and public functions.

Then came Donald Trump. Trump, his catastrophic failures and extraordinary malfeasance have not yet been forgotten because he still dominates the Republican Party. But his most horrific transgression is already receding into the background of the nation’s collective memory. So let’s all remind ourselves of what happened just this month.

Remember: There Was An Attempted Coup Against the U.S. Less Than a Month Ago

Was this a one off situation?  Or is there plans for my antics in the works?

The trial is in session….will this be the end of this situation?

I feel there is more to come….especially once Trump steps out of the shadows after the trial.

Please do not let apathy set in….this was more important to this republic than some (especially the GOP) want us to believe.

I want the people that committed this breach to suffer the way they made us protesters from the 70s suffer.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

13 thoughts on “Final Thoughts On The ‘Insurrection’

  1. It will be strange if Trump just goes away. He dearly loves the adulation of his fans, and if he branches out into social media or news media, then he may try to stir things up again.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Why aren’t we hearing more about the 5 officers hurt during the BLM protest in D.C. where they threaten to burn down the city? It was just last weekend.

    1. Does that somehow negate the death of the officer in the insurrection. That is just trying deflect the treason these toads committed chuq

      1. Heavens NO. Officer Sicknick did his duty and died doing it. I’m just tired of the media only showing what they want us to know and their opinions on those events. They have tunnel-vision.

      1. The media only reports what they want you know and frankly I’m tired of it. Give me facts and I’m quite capable of making up my own mind. CNN, etc. insist on giving me their opinion and the opinion of their friends.

      2. I don’t know what else you’re looking for. It’s on video, not just from the media, but from what people who were there recorded. Trump waited hours before he made that half-hearted attempt to douse the flames he lit. This isn’t a case of he said, she said. Trump incited an insurrection and then gleefully continued to in courage it through his tweets.

      3. I’ll cut this off, I was not asking for more on the Jan.6th incidents. I’m asking why is it all I hear about – there is a lot going on everywhere.

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