The Most Evil Men

Since today is the big day for some….the Super Bowl…..and readership will be low here in the US as most are preparing to view the game… will be a short posting day for IST to give my readers the flexibility to watch without worrying about what I have to say.

For that reason it is Time for yet another history lesson from the old professor……(waiting for the eye rolls and the yawns)……

There have been some truly evil men in history…..if you follow history in any form I am sure that you know who these men are and what they mean to history.

This list begins with Attila…..

The most unfortunate aspect to researching this list was the realization that that I could do a top 100 most evil men and still have a multitude of people for a second list! The selection of this list is based not upon death tolls, but upon the general actions, and impact, or brutality of the people. From bad to worst, here are the top 10 evil men in history.

Top 10 Most Evil Men

I could think of several others….like Tojo, Andrew Jackson, others…..

Can you think of an evil man that was not on this list of ten?

Please share any thoughts you may have.

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4 thoughts on “The Most Evil Men

  1. I could add my PE teacher at school. He was evil, and creepy too. Made my life a misery for years, and spied on us boys in the showers.
    The Super Bowl seems to come round every three months now, a sure sign I’m getting old!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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