A New President–A New Day?

I know most Americans are thrilled at the idea that we have a government that is not that of Trump……we have a new president, Joe Biden.

I have been writing about the different policies of Biden trying to let my readers know what they are getting with this new president.

If you go to IST and search “Joe Biden” this is what you will get for you inquiry….https://lobotero.com/?s=Joe+Biden

As you can see I have been writing extensively on his policies so far (more to come no doubt)

I feel that most people voted for him just to rid yourselves of the political cancer of the Trump administration……I think most people were looking no further than the end of the Trump years….which is sad…..just because we ridden ourselves of the fool on the hill does not mean that everything will come up rainbows and lollipops for the country.

There is an intense effort in the Democratic Party-aligned media to present the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as a fundamental turning point in American politics.

No doubt there is immense relief among millions in the US and around the world to see the fascist Trump leave Washington, two weeks after he spurred on an insurrection aimed at stopping the congressional certification of Biden’s victory.

But with the transfer of the White House from the Republicans to the Democrats, it is necessary to counter illusions about what this government will or even can do. Its actions will be determined by the interests of the ruling class under conditions of an unprecedented social, economic and global crisis. However, efforts are underway to chloroform the public about the realities of the procapitalist, imperialist politics of the Biden administration and the catastrophic economic and social conditions under which it begins.

New York Times editorial board member Jesse Wegman declared that “Biden Can Heal What Trump Broke” in an op-ed Wednesday. “America is now being led by a decent, experienced public servant who cares about improving his constituents’ lives,” Wegman proclaimed.


Yes In my opinion he will be successful…but how do we measure presidential success?

Not being Trump is a lame reason to judge success….especially if the people of this country remain as a struggling mass

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12 thoughts on “A New President–A New Day?

  1. Success? I’ll settle for what we get after the terrors of the Trump years. We’ve heard “get the money out of politics” for years, yet the best we’ve done is Citizens United, which just opened up new ways to get a lot more money into the political process. I’ll keep tuned here, though. I appreciate your opinion and insights into the mess that is Washington politics.

      1. Not as long as easy money and greed rule the ruling class. They make the rules after all, so changing the rules to eliminate the corruption is unlikely, eh?!

      2. Sadly true….but I like the way the younger members think…..some day they will be in control if money does not hook them chuq

      3. I feel they are wearing their heads on straight, too. Unfortunately, I am a bit cynical about their ability to resist the bucks.

  2. I think anyone who voted Democrat will be so relieved to see the end of Trump, it hardly matters what Biden/Harris actually do. Although I am not American, I do understand that feeling of getting past the last four years.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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