Little Man–A Farewell

This is one of the most difficult posts I have ever tried to write…..and it is sad news…..and a terribly sad day.

I recently introduced readers to my wife’s Chihuahua mix, Sebastian AKA Little Man…for those that missed his story here is the post……

This obituary has taken me 5 days to compose….to say it has been difficult would be an understatement.

I wrote about his ordeal in his last surgery…..

The mass that was removed from his neck was a cancer and aggression form of cancer  While he was recovering but not as well as he could.

He began being listless and visit to the vet told us that the aggressive cancer was in his organs….and that caused him to have a stroke…..he got to the point of confusion would not eat or drink water…..we tried to feed him but he lost 3 pounds in 5 days.

Sue and I talked it over and we decided that he needed to stop suffering and go out with as much dignity as he could.

We took him to the vet and had him relieve his suffering.

He passed with serenity and with dignity in  the arms of Sue.  Even the girls at the vet’s cried and said good-bye for he had become one of their favorites.

There is so much I want to say about Little Man…but words will not do him justice and illustrate the love he had while part of our family.

He came to live with us and immediately fell in love with Jaz (another friend and family member……..and because of his coloration we had to put an orange bandana so we could find him in the property plus he was an superb escape artist and would find a way to get out of the fence and go exploring which would panic me because he was so small.

Then when he met my wife and he fell in love with her and he became Sue’s companion.  He had to be close to Sue no matter where she was….



They say that animals have no soul….I disagree for Little Man had more soul than many people I know.

He was a great companion and friend to the family….we could not have asked for a better family member.  He never met anyone he did not like….especially females (yes he was a ‘rogue’)

He passed very comfortably in Sue’s arms.

I wish him well and he can finally be reunited with his best friend Jaz….I know they are already getting into trouble together….as they roam Elysian Fields.

Little Man we love you and you will be forever be missed.


Your spirit is free and we shall be together again….you will be our “Little Man” forever.

Love you for all eternity.

Sebastian “Little Man”  18 January 2021  R.I.P.

Gone …..NEVER Forgotten

21 thoughts on “Little Man–A Farewell

  1. Such sad news, chuq. You know I understand what it is to lose such a loyal friend and companion. He had a good life with you and Sue, and was loved and well cared for. No dog could have asked for a better family to be a part of.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Dear friend, I’m sorry for loss. A pet is a family member. Stay strong … I’m sending bright light for some tiny bit of comfort!! 🐶

  3. I understand. I miss my small yellow lab so much. Her name was Muzzi and I think about her every day. That was 34 years ago. Never got another dog. Never will. If there is an afterlife I hope she’s there. If she is, I’ll forgive God for all His shortcomings.

  4. I miss never having had a dog. It’s like there has been that little thing missing in life. Sorry, chuq… these are times where having a four legged buddy can make a difference.
    If we could all go out with that same kind of dignity when the end is inevitable… but us humans can’t have that now, can we?
    Would I be correct, old buddy, that Little Man lived long enough to see the nation de-Trumped? 🙂

  5. I am so terribly sorry to hear of the loss of your dear little friend. I rememember when my little pet birdies died, I was so heart-broken that I grieved for a long time. It was enough for me to declare that I will never have another pet as long as I live. Losing them is just too hard. Please accept my sincerest sympathies in this hour of your loss and know that I do understand.

  6. My heart goes out to you Chuq and Sue. So Sorry for the loss of your friend. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, courage and strength to share with us. Appreciation, Honor and Respect for the
    Care, Love, Dignity that you gave to him. Deepest sympathy to you, Sue and all mourning his passing. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. ‘Those we love and love us live Forever in our hearts.
    Much love, comfort and hugs! R.I.P. Sebastian ‘Little Man’! Loving wuff wuff to Jaz! ❤

  7. I am so sorry for both of you. Pets are family, and the effort you made to help him proves that. The best advice I can give is to adopt another pet as soon as you’re ready because the love you had for him is now meant for another

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