Feeding The Authoritarians

Closing Thought–13Jan21

After the breaching of the Capitol building made me think about who was feeding these slugs to make them commit such affront to the country…..not including the uneducated babbling from some on social media.

It is no secret that I do not think much of most so-called “think tanks”….mainly because most of them start with a conclusion and they have the analyst fit the meat of the paper to fit the conclusion they desire.

But what is a think tank in actuality?

A think tank is an organization that gathers a group of interdisciplinary scholars to perform research around particular policies, issues or ideas. Topics addressed in think tanks can cover a wide range, including social policy, public policy, economic policy, political strategy, culture and technology. Think tanks can also be referred to as think factories or policy institutes.

Then there different types of think tanks….

  1. Ideological tanks- These organizations work towards solving a problem based on an ideological philosophy. Also known as advocacy tanks, research is targeted towards convincing policymakers to adopt their solutions.
  2. Specialist tanks- These institutes have a specific thematic focus, such as foreign policy, poverty or the environment.
  3. Subnational tanks- These are government-related think tanks that work at smaller stages than the national level. For example, think tanks that focus on a specific state’s policies.
  4. Practical tanks- Referred to as “think and do” tanks, these institutes are similar to non-governmental organizations (NGO) and conduct more practical efforts, such as funding charity projects.

Now that you know this….let us move on….

I found that many Right wing “think tanks” seem to promote the more authoritarian premises…one comes to mind readily is the Heritage Foundation which feeds many of the polices of the GOP.

Read about it here…..https://www.ned.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Commanding-Ideas-Think-Tanks-as-Platforms-for-Authoritarian-Influence-Rolland-Dec-2020.pdf

Don’t get me wrong….I think most of these organizations, Left or Right, have a false impression they push as part of some agenda.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

14 thoughts on “Feeding The Authoritarians

  1. Thank you for the very interesting information, Chuq! Very useful to overthink whats happening here too. Please excuse the late revisit. Let me wish you – as late i am – a Happy New Year! Be blessed, and please stay save! Michael

      1. Oh yes, something like fitness training too. Around 200 concret blocks, every one around 25 kg, lifted into the basement. 😉 What else should one do between Christmas and New Year. Lol

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