Pardon Me? (Again)

After the breach of the Capitol and all the calls for retribution on Trump and his supporters there is concerns he might try an end run before he leaves office.

There has been a bit of a will he or won’t he about Trump attempting to pardon himself…..

News last week came the tale again…..

President Donald Trump has prepared a sweeping list of individuals he’s hoping to pardon in the final days of his administration that includes senior White House officials, family members, prominent rappers — and possibly himself, according to people familiar with the matter.

Trump is hoping to announce the pardons on Jan. 19 — his final full day in office — and his ideas are currently being vetted by senior advisers and the White House counsel’s office, the people said.

The biggest question facing his legal team may be whether the president has the authority to pardon himself, as he has discussed in recent weeks with top aides, according to the people familiar with his conversations. Trump has previously claimed the power, though it’s a matter of legal dispute and has never before been attempted by a president.

A self-pardon could also prove a major political liability and hamstring another presidential bid, with opponents sure to suggest the self-pardon amounted to an admission that he thought he might be prosecuted for breaking the law.

The big question is…..can a president self pardon?

President Donald Trump has declared that he has the “absolute right” to issue a pardon to himself. Yet the law is much murkier than his confidence suggests.

No president has attempted to pardon himself while in office, so if Trump tries to do so in the next six weeks, he will be venturing into legally untested territory without clear guidance from the Constitution or from judges. Legal experts are divided on an inherently ambiguous question that was left vague by the Founding Fathers and has never had to be definitively resolved in court.

After the riot on 06Jan21 the president is considering an all-purpose pardon……

As The New York Times reports, Trump has been talking to his staffers about whether or not he can perform autopardonica. Trump’s ability to get masturbatory with his pardon pen remains a subject of open debate, and obvious distaste. Apparently, Trump’s pardon lust was previously at the “idle musings” level, but in recent days he’s been chatting up the idea. That’s especially the case as Trump has become convinced that “his perceived enemies will use the levers of law enforcement to target him after he leaves office.”

This will be yet another attempt by Trump to circumvent the Constitution and to be honest he has been pretty damn successful in the past.

Will he this time?

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15 thoughts on “Pardon Me? (Again)

  1. I know Barr and others have advised him that he may actually put himself in legal jeopardy, but since when has he listened to others (except Fox and the crazies)? Sure to be on the top of the list are Giuliani, Jared and Ivanka, and his sons. I’m hoping he doesn’t pardon anyone associated with the insurrection, but…

  2. I think it’s entirely possible, with five more days of investigations going on by the 20th, that while Trump might likely pardon himself.. it’s conceivable that as soon as he steps down and formally leaves the White House the D.C. police could arrest him for breaking D.C. laws. For sure he’d get bail immediately.. but the huge embarrassment and the photos… 🙂

  3. Alberto Gonzales, ex Atty Gen, just suggested that if pardoning Trump falls to Biden that he demand of Trump to get the pardon he has to perform and act of contrition in the form of at least admitting he was wrong about the election, if he refuses to admit he lied. Interesting idea.

      1. Well, again.. that only works IF everyone settles on the idea that Trump cannot pardon himself.. thus he has to rely on Biden alone. Not sure we would get that far… much less guessing if Trump would surrender to a contrition deal.

  4. He wants 21 gun salute and a bit of a military ceremony, red carpet, and much more respect than the SOB deserves as he climbs aboard Marine One. A more suitable departure would be a replay of 30 April1975, with live fire and a hurried retreat by helicopter from the roof of the white House.

      1. It will be high comedy, I’m sure, sort of the emperor’s new clothes time, an empty ritual, kind of like poking the dead body to make sure it is dead. I definitely want to see it for many reasons other than honoring the transition to normality.

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