Are These From “Q”?


The equipment dude from James Bond movies…..he had amazing gadgets….

He was the one that provided James with all those fantastic tools like a collapsible helicopter, a watch for track radiation, a car with injection seat and oil jets, etc……you get the picture, right?

Well in real life none of those are provided to field agents….however there were some really cool stuff….there was a glove gun, lipstick gun, coal bomb and my favorite the “rectal kit”……

Spying became an integral part of the Cold War. Both sides went out of their way to acquire as much knowledge as they could about each other. While Hollywood has romanticized the whole image of espionage, the real thing is far from romantic. It is a dangerous cat and mouse game that typically results in torture, prison, or execution for the spy if caught by the opposing team.

During the Cold War, spies had to prepare themselves for the worst. Their ability to blend with their surroundings was vital to their survival. The USSR and the US spent large amounts of money training, recruiting, outfitting, and deploying spies all around the world. This resulted in many technological innovations, all the way from tiny spy cameras to deadly assassination weapons.

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8 Amazing Spy Gadgets Used During the Cold War

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4 thoughts on “Are These From “Q”?

  1. Similar ‘spy cameras’ are now increasingly available in digital format. I often wonder why anyone wants to buy one, and can only presume it will be used for ‘unsavoury’ purposes.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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