Can We Out Fox The Covid Blues?

As the weekend begins I would like to turn from the drama in DC…..

Many Americans are having a hard time with the social distancing and such…..sadly their is a mental illness that is brought on by the virus and precautions….

There’s evidence of more harm done by COVID-19: new-onset psychosis. Patients who have had the virus but have no history of mental illness are suffering from serious psychotic symptoms, including frightening and potentially dangerous delusions. The number of affected patients is not high, the New York Times reports, but the problem is being reported around the world. “My guess is any place that is seeing COVID is probably seeing this,” said a doctor at Duke University Medical Center. Scattered cases of psychosis and mania have been linked to other viruses before, including SARS and MERS. “We think that it’s not unique to COVID,” said a psychiatrist who suggested studying those cases might shed light on current ones. A study on a National Institutes of Health site in September said the new coronavirus can increase risk of suicidal behavior.

A 42-year-old patient had visions of her children being murdered, and she said she’d thought up a plan to kill them herself. A 36-year-old tried to pass her children through the pick-up window at a fast-food restaurant to prevent their kidnapping. A 30-year-old man thought his cousin was going to kill him, so he tried to strangle the relative first. The cause of the episodes isn’t known, but it could be linked to the body’s immune response or surges of inflammation after infection. Most of the patients with such episodes didn’t become severely ill with the virus, per the Times. Among the unusual factors is the age of the patients; most are in their 30s, 40s, or 50s, while schizophrenia usually begins with younger people and dementia with older. Also, some of the patients realized that something was wrong with them mentally.

 A viral side effect that gets little attention….but there may be a way to brighten the Covid Blues….

First why is the Covid Blues so hard to turn off…..

  • First, our genes make us worrywarts. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors survived by assuming every rustle in the grasses was a lurking hungry lion, not harmless birds hunting for seeds. We’re essentially programmed to be hyperaware of threats, and our brains rapidly launch stress chemicals and negative emotions in response.

  • Second, the chemical cascade of stress hormones in the brain associated with negative emotions impairs cognitive flexibility, goal-directed behavior and self-control.

  • Third, our tendency to avoid dealing with negative emotions puts people in a perpetual cycle of ignoring unpleasant feelings, which amplifies stress and the risk of emotional health problems.

Traditional approaches for coping with stress were based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, which focuses on modifying patterns of thinking and behavior. It was developed before our modern understanding of stress overload.

Researchers at New York University discovered a paradox: Although cognitive methods were effective in low-stress situations, they were less effective when dealing with the high stress of modern life.

Emotional brain training works with these high-stress emotions in an effort to tame them, releasing negative emotions as the first of two steps in preventing stress overload.

It is an interesting read if you suffer from some sort of mental breakdown because of the pandemic….try you may like it.

I personally have no problem since my forced retirement I have become functioning hermit……basically because the stupidity that I had encountered in the days before my major injury in 2005.

I do hope if you are having these feelings please at least read this article and try to cope as best you can….or make a visit to a mental health pro.

Be Smart!

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2 thoughts on “Can We Out Fox The Covid Blues?

  1. I know I am an old cynic, but I cannot help believing those crazy people would have done all that anyway, and Covid has nothing at all to do with it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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