Those Social Conservatives

Just a little something now that a Dem will occupy the White House….an old nemesis will return…..the social conservative.

First what is a “social conservative:”?

While the terms conservative and liberal can have different definitions in different countries, American social conservatism usually refers to a political ideology that involves traditional, historical views on the definition of marriage, life, sexuality, and religion. This ideology is in direct contrast with another known as social liberalism. Individuals who are socially liberal typically embrace and support marriage equality, abortion rights, and government intervention on issues such as pay between men and women.

Voters who are social conservatives often support candidates in the Republican Party, which is known for having traditional views in relation to the definition of marriage, life, sexuality, and religion. According to Gallup’s annual measurement of social views, about one-third of Americans identify as socially conservative. American social conservatives are often members of a Christian or Jewish denomination, but not every social conservative is religious.

For those that have an allergic reaction to actual reading…..I have visuals…..

Since the election of Trump….the traditional beliefs of the social conserv is gone….so can we say that it is a “dead” movement?

I have thrown a lot of info at you about social conservs…..and with good reason…..

Some research is showing that social conservs are less intelligent than others…..

Over the past decade, several studies have shown that people who tend to hold more conservative views score low on measures of intelligence. However, it now appears that while conservatism and intelligence are negatively correlated, the link is not as strong as first thought.

Much of the previous work in this area was based on a psychological definition of conservatism, rather than a political one. The term “conservative syndrome” was coined to describe a person who attaches particular importance to respect for tradition, humility, devoutness and moderation.

Such a person tends to hold conformist values like obedience, self-discipline and politeness, and emphasises the need for social order coupled with concerns for family and national security.

If social conservs like Reps. Jordan, Nunes, Meadows, Gaetz, McCarthy are examples of the political philosophy then I would say that the research holds up well.

And no better example of stupid than the “anti-maskers”……and the return of the social conservative will once again lead the stupidity in our Congress.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

4 thoughts on “Those Social Conservatives

  1. My best estimate of US political parties is that your Democrats are very similar to our Conservative Party in the UK. The Republicans would be much more to the Right of their policies though. And you don’t really have an equivalent to our Labour Party, which used to be based on Socialist principles, but is now a rather mundane middle of the road opposition.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. These people are truly hypocritical…..and now that Trump is gone they will once again embrace all the silliness from years past. chuq

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