Trump 2024

Our defeated president is working to possibly run again for president in 2024….something I have written about a bit since November and the last election…..

I have read about the campaign of Grover Cleveland who won the presidency after losing an election…….

Hewitt draws lessons from the example of Grover Cleveland, the only man to win nonconsecutive terms in the White House. He first won in 1884, but when he lost re-election, Cleveland retreated to New York to practice law. In those intervening years, Cleveland stayed out of the political fray until it was time to run again. “Trump is unlikely to follow this course, but doing so would enable him to keep careful account of [the] successes and failures of the Biden-Harris team before running on the latter,” writes Hewitt. If nothing else, Trump might want to ration his availability for interviews, suggests Hewitt, thus keeping himself in demand.

“Memoirs and a presidential library and museum will help the next four years fly by,” writes Hewitt. “If he stays out of daily fights, his successes”—Hewitt ticks off Operation Warp Speed, progress on Mideast peace, his imprint on the courts, etc.—”will grow in comparison to the deadlock ahead.” Hewitt also notes that Cleveland attended his successor’s inauguration after his first loss in a “model of sportsmanship.” Trump hasn’t said whether he will attend Joe Biden’s swearing-in. In regard to Trump’s challenges of the election, Hewitt is confident the president will leave in orderly fashion next month. For now, though, he needs to satisfy his supporters that he is doing “everything within the law to preserve his tenure.”

Not everybody thinks Trump’s run in 2024 would be just a shoo in…..

President Trump and his supporters are making noises about a run in 2024, but John F. Harris predicts in a column at Politico that it’s not going to happen. In fact, he thinks Trump’s influence will fade pretty quickly once he’s out of office. “Outsized outsiders don’t have staying power,” he writes, drawing a comparison between Trump and the likes of Ross Perot, Joe McCarthy, and George Wallace. Yes, Trump is singular because he achieved the presidency, but all these men rose to prominence thanks to “flamboyant, self-dramatizing personas.” These types of movements are rather common in American politics, but they always fade, and “Trump has offered no reason to suppose he will be an exception.”

Harris has two other reasons behind his skepticism. For one, Trump may have once pushed topics such as immigration, trade, and globalization, but now he seems to be pushing only one issue—himself. “These days, no one can follow Trump’s Twitter feed and believe that he cares more about the public’s problems than his own, and that is not a recipe for sustaining political power,” writes Harris. And finally, Harris writes that Trump’s inability to moderate his blunt, “blame-casting” strategy is a fatal political flaw. Had Trump been able to do so during the pandemic, he would probably be getting ready for his second inauguration, writes Harris. Read his full column, in which he says potential Trump rivals won’t have to confront the former president, but rather “transcend” him, in the runup to the next election.

Nothing is set in stone for 2024…Trump could just decide to take the money and run…..

Regardless what Trump decides…there will be no going back to normal……

I say that because a national poll shows that most republicans will vote for Trump in 2024

A majority of Republicans surveyed in a new poll — 54 percent — said they would vote for President Trump in 2024. 

The Morning Consult-Politico poll released Tuesday found that 12 percent of GOP voters said they would choose Vice President Pence in the 2024 primary instead, while 8 percent said they would vote for the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

In addition, 68 percent of Republicans voters said they consider President Trump to be more in touch with the GOP’s “rank and file,” compared to 20 percent who said the same of congressional Republicans

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7 thoughts on “Trump 2024

  1. I give odds at 50/50 that either Biden or Trump.. or both, dies or becomes incapacitated before 2024. Trump will never run again even if he lives simply because he will wear out and appreciate the life he has left. Likely he will build up a family member to run instead.

    1. The good thing about Trump deferring to someone else in his family is that anyone other than him significantly lacks any of the same flamboyant charisma, public identity, and social shock appeal. Trumpism dies.

  2. I have no predictions for your politics in 2024. I still remember laughing at the possibility that Trump would win in 2016. So what do I know? 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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