The National Vaccine Rollout

The process of getting the Covid vaccine out to the general public….and we all know that it will not go smoothly…..nothing else has in the US during the pandemic so why should the rollout of the vaccine be any different?

The first trucks carrying the COVID-19 vaccine just left a Michigan manufacturing facility Sunday, and yet the vaccine’s rollout is already, per CNN, “messy.” Vaccinations will likely start Monday, but it will be months before most people can get one; Operation Warp Speed’s chief adviser anticipated it will likely be June before vaccines are available to the full US population—if nothing goes wrong on the manufacturing end. As for who gets one when, CNN notes distribution may not seem fair, with state and local health authorities having to make tough decisions about which high-risk group should get access after the very first group, health care workers and long-term care residents. The news outlet runs down a whole list of other potential issues, like shipment mix-ups (one has already taken place), a lack of training for facilities administering the vaccines, and more.

Among those issues: people may forget to come back for the necessary second dose, or they may be so put off by side effects from the first dose that they forego it. Indeed, while most symptoms experienced after getting the vaccine are harmless, some health care facilities are planning to stagger vaccinations in case they are severe enough to cause people to miss work. As for the journey the vaccines are currently making: NPR reports 145 of the 636 sites receiving the first doses of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine will get their shipments by Monday morning. And in related news, President Trump on Sunday announced that he is reversing an administration directive to vaccinate top government officials in the first wave, the AP reports. The plan had riled some, especially considering the White House’s lax stance on COVID-19 precautions.

Bill Gates has a warning for president-elect Joe Biden…..

Developing, testing, and distributing a coronavirus vaccine is tough enough. But Bill Gates pointed out something else Sunday that’s compounding the difficulties. “The transition is complicating,” Gates said on CNN. The Microsoft co-founder is encouraged, however, because “the new administration is willing to rely on actual experts and not attack those experts.” President Trump’s administration has not worked with President-elect Joe Biden’s team on the distribution plan. That lack of communication could slow the process, which is just beginning, Gates said, per the Hill. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been working on the vaccine effort, and Gates said he’s talked with Biden about making sure “we don’t blow it.” He added: “I’m pleased with the people and priority that President-elect Biden and his team are bringing to bear on this problem.”

Gates said he “will visibly take the vaccine,” but he’ll await his turn. The decision on the order in which groups receive vaccinations “should be based on medical need, not wealth at all,” Gates said. “After all, this epidemic has been awful in the way that it’s exacerbated inequities.” The foundation announced Thursday that it will add another $250 million to the fight against COVID-19, pushing its total contribution to $1.75 billion, per CNN. Gates said Sunday that the US “would’ve been expected to be the best” in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. “We didn’t get on top of it like many countries did,” he said. Gates is encouraged by the work of Biden and his team. “They’re laying out clear plans,” he said, “so I think we’ll get through this in a positive way.”

Let us all hope that this country has learned a valuable lesson on what indecision  and inaction can do…….a few things that will not defeat this disease…..

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