A New Food Fad

These days the so-called “Foodies” are ruining the dining experience by all their stupidity.

I mean they, the “foodies, have forced me to deal with eating a garnish called kale…..they turn everything into a “shake” because they are too damn lazy to chew…..and they order their food on-line because the art of cooking is too confusing.

I was wondering just what stupidity these twats could come up with next.

I did not have wait long……

If you’re feeling a bit peckish, why not have a nibble on meat grown from your own body? Scientists and designers from the US have created a ‘grow-your-own’ steak kit, which uses human cells and blood to pose a question to the cultured meat industry. The Ouroboros Steak, named after the ancient Egyptian snake that eats itself, can be grown from cells scraped from the inside of your cheek and fed serum from old donated blood. While the steak is currently just a prototype, and designed as a thought-provoking piece of art, it is a real piece of meat grown from human cells.

Currently on show at the Beazley Designs of the Year exhibition, the human morsels are supposed to highlight the lab-grown meat industry’s reliance on fetal bovine serum (FBS), a protein-rich growth liquid for cell cultures. FBS is derived from the blood of calf fetuses, often when their pregnant mothers are killed in the meat and dairy industries. This serum, which can cost up to £700 per litre, is often criticised on the grounds of supporting environmentally damaging industries.

Sounds like cannibalism to me….but let’s go to a dictionary…..cannibalism is defined as “the practice of eating the flesh of ones own species”
Still sounds like cannibalism to me….
Any thoughts?
I Read, I Write, You Know
“Lego ergo scribo”

9 thoughts on “A New Food Fad

  1. “Yes, waiter, we would like to meet the meat.”
    Only, no waiter, so you’ll meet your own meat… bypassing the Hitchhiker’s guide middle-folks there now, huh.
    Sheesh, are lobsters, caviar and filet mignon too damned pedestrian and “peasant” all of a sudden?

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