Walking The Dog!

Nope not that hit from the 1960s by Rufus Thomas…..I am talking about my daily exercise when MoMo and I go for our stroll in the early morning hours.

A Spanish study has shown that dog walks and home deliveries are high in the chances of infection…..

The study, published in the Environmental Research journal, by the University of Granada and the Andalusian School of Public Health looked at the main risk factors of coronavirus transmission during the first national lockdown in Spain.

Dog walking was said to have increased the risk of getting Covid-19 by 78% during the period studied, March to May.

Supermarket home deliveries increased the risk by 94%, according to the research.

And the risk if someone else in a person’s household tested positive for the coronavirus was 60 times higher, the study found.


Screw that!

My buddy needs her walk….and we go really early and seldom see anyone……and that is why we do it so we do not have to deal with others.

I can see why this could be a dangerous time…..and then there is home deliveries…..I do not use…..for I know how to cook and do not like the idea of too many handling my food.

But that is just me.

Any thoughts?

Finally a stroll down memory lane…..

A final thought about pets……this time it is the perfect Christmas Card…..not just any pet but those pets of the Presidents…


I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

10 thoughts on “Walking The Dog!

  1. I don’t see how dog walking increases infection risk. I only saw one other person when walking Ollie today, and he was 20 feet away from me. Like you, I do not have groceries delivered, or takeaway food either.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Here there are many “Dog parks” that people take there pets to for their exercise and play with other dogs…..they are not that big and you could come into close contact. chuq

  2. Wow! You have a pic of Trump’s dog! LOL! Dog walking is not a risk for getting Covid-19 as long as you wear a mask. The reason behind that is because we don’t know who might have walked that path without a mask and when. I don’t have food delivered, but for other deliveries including mail, I either spray with disinfectant and leave for an hour, or put it in the garage for 3 days without first spraying. Our mail carriers do not wear masks.

  3. Okay, that last picture completely cracked me up!😂 As far as dog walking and grocery deliveries being risky, you caught me by surprise there. My husband and I no longer have a dog, we we go on daily walks and manage to social distance just fine. We’ve also been having most of are groceries delivered. The shopper leaves the bags outside the front door and when they leave we bring them in and wipe everything down.

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