Closing Thought–09Nov20

It is over……that is all but the legal wrangling but the Trump lawyers…..but everyone knows that Trump has lost and even some of his family want him to do the right thing and concede…it appears that FLOTUS and Jared are pushing the prez to give up the antics and accept the outcome….ofm course that stunted larva Eric and Don Jr are wanting to keep the gravy train rolling…..

Melania Trump may be urging her husband to concede the 2020 US presidential election—but his three eldest children are reportedly split on the matter. CNN and Politico report that while Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s husband, is also suggesting President Trump concede, Ivanka’s siblings Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump remain staunchly on their dad’s side. The brothers, sources say, are calling for Republicans to publicly reject the results of the election and challenge them in court, while FLOTUS and Kushner are among those “nudging” Trump to concede, perhaps without actually agreeing that he lost the election. “Virtually everyone in his inner circle, his closest advisers, including his family members, are fully aware that this is over,” ABC News’ chief White House correspondent said Sunday morning, noting there have been discussions that “include the first lady, about how to convince him to make something of a graceful exit.”

Politico points out that Melania Trump, said by biographers to be one of the people whose advice Trump most trusts, did tweet Sunday that “Every legal – not illegal – vote should be counted,” but sources say privately she is suggesting her husband figure out some sort of exit strategy. Trump campaign spokesperson Jason Miller pushed back against the stories on Twitter, claiming, “Given undetermined electoral outcomes in multiple states and serious voting irregularities and lack of transparency in others, Jared has advised @realDonaldTrump to pursue all available legal remedies to ensure accuracy.” Both CNN and Politico also run down how other Republicans are handling the issue, from those who publicly agree Trump should not concede (Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and others) to those who are backing away from his claims of election fraud. And then, of course, there’s one person whose voice has been notably absent: “Where the hell is Mike Pence?” one senior campaign official reportedly texted Sunday.

Good question…where is Pence?  Is he hiding behind his wife’s skirt?

The legal antics will be fun to watch how they play out.

Even those Repubs that wear knee pads for Trump are playing this game… Lindsey……that spineless sot…..

There’s a whole lot more than the next four years riding on President Trump’s concession or lack thereof, according to Lindsey Graham. Speaking on Fox News on Sunday, the senator said, per the Hill: “If Republicans don’t challenge and change the US election system, there will never be another Republican president elected again. President Trump should not concede. We’re down to less—10,000 votes in Georgia. He’s going to win North Carolina. We have gone from 93,000 votes to less than 20,000 votes in Arizona, where more—more votes to be counted.” He went on to make specific allegations about what he termed “a lot of shenanigans,” including a vote-flipping Michigan computer system, backdated ballots, and ballots supposedly coming in from dead people in Pennsylvania.

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