What Will Russia Do?

We are always hearing the speculation on the precise policies of the Russians…..but are those speculations just mere hearsay or a5re they based in fact?

This intel is what we call “Open Source Intel”…….

This is the report to Congress on Russia’s military doctrine and strategy…..given to Congress on 20 August 2020…..

Russia’s official security doctrines are detailed in its 2014 Military Doctrine and 2015 National Security Strategy. Other key strategy documents include the 2016 Foreign Policy Concept, 2017 Naval Strategy, and 2020 Principles of Nuclear Deterrence Strategy. These documents offer insight into how Russian leaders perceive threats and how Russian military and security policymakers envision the future of conflict. In addition, the Military Doctrine and the National Security Strategy identify the importance of information and the danger of internal, as well as external, threats.

The 2014 Military Doctrine divides the perceived nature of threats to Russia into two categories: military risks and military threats. Military risks are a lesser designation, defined as situations that could “lead to a military threat under certain conditions.” A military threat is “characterized by a real possibility of an outbreak of a military conflict.” Once fighting breaks out, Russian military theory and doctrine identify a typology of conflicts relating to the extent and type of conflict, gradually increasing in intensity: armed conflict, local war, regional war, large-scale war, and global (nuclear) war. These levels of conflict are important for understanding how the Russian military envisions the scale, nature, actors, and levels of escalation in war.

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev stated in July 2019 that Russia would update its National Security Strategy in 2020. Although a new version has not yet appeared, most analysts expect its publication in the near future.

Report to Congress on Russian Military Doctrine and Strategy


4 thoughts on “What Will Russia Do?

  1. The only thing in favour of powerful nations having nuclear weapons is that they reduce the likelihood of global war. The danger is smaller countries getting hold of them. I doubt Russia would ever really want to use theirs.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I don’t think we have much to fear from Russias nukes …. but as to “What will the Russians do?” in another vein, let me say this: Russia will tell Trump what to do and how to do it and Trump will obey because I believe he is Putin’s lap dog.

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