2020 Dem Convention–Day Four–The Conclusion

After tonight the Dem Convention will go down in the history books as the first virtual political convention…..and as the night that Joe Biden accepts the party’s nomination as the Democratic candidate for president of the United States….

Tonight’s speeches will be something to hear…..and the rogue’s gallery of speakers is…..all the losers in the primaries……with a few popular women thrown in for effect…..

  • Senator Cory Booker
  • Governor Gavin Newsom
  • Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms
  • Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg
  • Senator Tammy Baldwin
  • Senator Tammy Duckworth
  • Senator Chris Coons
  • The Biden family
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden

In case you are wondering tonight’s speakers are those that the DNC want to promote for the future…in other words all those backward looking Dems that cannot move this country forward.

And the night went something like this…….

The Democratic National Convention wrapped up Thursday night with Joe Biden formally accepting the party’s nomination for president, following four nights of such political VIPs as Barack and Michelle Obama, VP nominee Kamala Harris, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and many more urging people to vote for him. “Here and now I give you my word, if you entrust me with the presidency, I will draw on the best of us not the worst,” Biden said. “I’ll be an ally of the light, not our darkness. And make no mistake, we’ll overcome this season of darkness in America.” The AP notes Biden kept his focus positive, in contrast to the dire warnings of what a second Trump term might look like that had been offered by some of the big names who spoke on other nights. More from the convention’s final evening:

  • Biden’s kids Hunter and Ashley made what Fox News calls a “rare” appearance; their speech was mostly a tribute to late brother Beau.
  • Even Sarah Cooper, the comedian whose lip sync impersonations of President Trump have gone viral, spoke: “Donald Trump doesn’t want any of us to vote because he knows he can’t win fair and square,” she said.
  • Former presidential candidates Sen. Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang, and Michael Bloomberg all showed up to emphatically endorse Biden, with Buttigieg pointing out the former VP expressed support for same-sex marriage even before then-President Obama did. “Joe Biden is right, this is a contest for the soul of the nation. And to me that contest is not between good Americans and evil Americans,” Buttigieg said. “It’s the struggle to call out what is good for every American.”
  • “Last week, Donald Trump said ‘our economy is doing good,’ while 40 million Americans are at risk of losing their homes, 30 million aren’t getting enough food to eat and 5.4 million people have lost their health care because of this crisis,” Booker said, per Fox Business. “He has failed us.”
  • Per Fox News, Bloomberg had a similar message, saying Trump “has failed the American people catastrophically” and that we must not “rehire” Trump because it is time to “put an end to this whole sorry chapter in American history.” Trump fired back on Twitter in real time: “After the worst debate performance in the history of politics, Michael Bloomberg, commonly known as Mini Mike, is trying to make a comeback by begging the Democrats for relevance. They treated him like a dog – and always will. Before politics, he said GREAT things about me!”
  • Yang said the country needs Biden to pull it out of the “deep, dark, hole” it’s in thanks to Trump. Then, a lighthearted moment as he passed the baton to actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The two, apparently mocking those who are seemingly unable to pronounce Kamala Harris’ first name correctly, bantered back and forth about how to pronounce Mike Pence’s name. “It’s pronounced Pahnce, I believe,” Yang said, prompting Louis-Dreyfus to shoot back, “Oh, some kind of weird foreign name?” Watch it here.
  • Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who spoke ahead of a tribute to late civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis, said, “We know how important it is that we elect real leaders like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, people of honor and integrity, who hold justice close to their hearts and believe that the lives of my four black children matter.”
  • Sen. Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq veteran and one of the contenders Biden considered for VP, slammed Trump’s handling of the US military. Americans “have a coward in chief who won’t stand up to Vladimir Putin, read his daily intelligence briefings or even publicly admonish adversaries for reportedly putting bounties on our troops heads,” she said, per the Hill.
  • For a taste of how this is the crowning achievement of Biden’s long political career, read here.
  • As for Trump, he had this to say Thursday in Biden’s birthplace of Scranton, Pennsylvania. He was also back on Twitter soon after Biden’s speech ended: “In 47 years, Joe did none of the things of which he now speaks. He will never change, just words!” In earlier tweets, Trump contrasted himself as for “LAW AND ORDER” and Biden for “CRIME!” and continued his attacks on mail-in voting, claiming the Democrats are pushing it so they can cast fraudulent ballots and “STEAL” the election by sending ballots to people who “don’t even exist.” He added, “To get into the Democrat National Convention, you must have an ID card with a picture…Yet the Democrats refuse to do this when it come to your very important VOTE! Gee, I wonder WHY???”
  • Trump also gave an interview to Fox’s Sean Hannity at the same time the DNC events kicked off; watch it here.

As I feared there was little actual talk about policies…plenty of promises and plenty of looking back and plenty of family remembrances with a seasoning of humor thrown in….none of which will tell us how we will actually profit from a Biden presidency.

As usual the DNC does not look forward…they find the past when they were successful is the only chance they have to sell their lousy policies to the American voter.  The media follows suit with the DNC….they bring fossils like Carvell out of the closet as a pundit….again policies of the past not looking forward.

This convention was millionaires telling us mere peasants that if we vote for them we too can achieve the riches of the nation…the same promise they give every four years and yet here we are still believing lies and hoping for the best.

To tell the truth…..I do not think that this Biden/Harris team is a winning combo….but we shall see.

Something to think about in closing…..

Biden “began his public career serving with people born in the 19th century,” writes John Harris in Politico Magazine. “If he wins the presidency, he surely will have some young aides who will still be alive in the 22nd century.” At 77, he is older than 94% of Americans, and he is older than 27 presidents when they died, writes Harris. Trump, of course, is only 43 months younger. But given the time when these two men came of age, “those three-plus years have an outsize historical significance,” adds Harris, pointing to how yearbook photos changed drastically during the 1960s as a cultural transformation in the US took hold.

And this brings the 2020 Dem Convention to a close…….all that is left to do is sweep the floors and turn out the lights and turn off the laptops……..but not to worry if you are a political geek….there will be more next week…the 2020 GOP Convention….the real fun thing of the month.

Okay some will say….did you see or hear anything that you approved of during the four nights…..well yes…..the music!

THE END!  This has been an IST Production.

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4 thoughts on “2020 Dem Convention–Day Four–The Conclusion

  1. I was disappointed in the convention. The plan is to protect out democracy from this authoritarian moron whose strings are being pulled by the “real” dark elements but well disguised leaders of America . I see the faults in these nominees. I heard too much about racism in one platform, it’s a huge issue but can’t be solved in one night and who else are we to vote for if we are of color or immigrants or of sound mind.?
    Trump will destroy the constitution and democracy.
    Hold your breath because if he is re-elected we will lose our freedom and all social justice . Who’d have guessed this could happen to America?

    1. People like me have been warning the voter for decades about the loopholes that could be exploited and Trump did just that…..chuq

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