Will You Vote Democrat In November?

Just a mere 3 months before the vote of the century (at least that is what some are calling it)…..do you know what your candidate is promising?

So far we have two choices for our vote for president of the United States…..Repub Donald Trump or Democrat Joe Biden…this post is for those that think they will vote Dem in November.

Here is the platform that Joe Biden will be running on when he meets Trump in the head to head……

New draft text of the Democratic Party’s 2020 platform calls for bringing “forever wars to a responsible end” and pledges to end the U.S. role in the conflict in Yemen — a sharp reversal from the Obama administration’s policy of arming and assisting the Saudi-led intervention.

The 80-page text, first reported by the Washington Post, is a sign of how far the party’s center of gravity has shifted in four years. The draft was released Tuesday evening to the more than 150-member platform committee for an amendment process. It will likely be ratified at the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee next month.

With lengthy sections on racial justice, immigration, climate change, and health care, the document hews closely to many of the policy recommendations produced by a Biden-Sanders unity effort earlier this month. But that unity report largely left out foreign policy, which is where some of the Democratic platform draft’s most significant departures from the 2016 platform lie.


A Grand Plan….but Dems have always had great plans and ideas….they just suck at the game of politics.

Since I try to be an FYI blog during this election season……if you would like to see what is being promised to the voter buy the Dems…..

Click to access 2020_07_21_DRAFT_Democratic_Party_Platform.01.pdf

Let me inject my thoughts on Biden……can Joe breath new air into out international standing?

My answer is yes…..he is a centrists and that makes him a devotee of Neocon thought……

Centrist Democrats do not only see American interests and values threatened by Beijing’s growing assertiveness, on the contrary, they will also expect that American foreign policy remains committed to keeping in check Russia’s military assertiveness in Eastern Europe. Democratic Party centrists will particularly hope that Joe Biden will seek to leverage U.S financial and diplomatic support to the Ukrainian government while also keeping tough on Russia through economic and financial sanctions for its interference in Donbass and Crimea.

These pressing strategic priorities could spell out the gradual decline of U.S foreign policy presence in the Middle East. This is plausible given that centrist Democrats are now openly questioning whether the region is worth the high levels of military engagement that the U.S has maintained for decades. While Democratic Party centrists want Joe Biden to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, they would also want him to cease American defence support to Saudi Arabia. Centrists democrats aligned with South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttieg, are also calling for U.S troops to return without delay from America’s post-9/11 wars. As for Israel, while there is consensus among centrist Democrats that it remains in America’s national interest to support the security of the Jewish state, its survival is no longer in question, given Israel’s military power to defend itself.

Opinion – Can Joe Biden Revive Transatlantic Relations?

Do not settle!  Know your candidate!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

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8 thoughts on “Will You Vote Democrat In November?

  1. I kinda liked Joe when he appeared on Don Imus shows some time ago. But to call him a centrist is kinda off target. He’s not anything any more except an old man with dementia that can still read off the teleprompter. If he wins they’ll give Hillary an expansive portfolio and Hillary, Nancy and Chuck will run the country. I should say ruin the country. We’ll become and underling for China and they’ll break the bank even more giving 20 million illegals amnesty and full benefits as awarded to all citizens. It would seem they’d allow many more cities to be looted and burned as the criminals attack the police too. Naturally even after 4 or 8 years in power they’ll still be blaming Trump. Vote for a democrat ? I did vote for McGovern in ’72 and regret not voting for democrat ex Florida governor Leroy Collins (he integrated Florida schools) against Ed Gurney for senate. Guerney went down with Nixon. After Barr’s reports come out and indictments made how could anyone ever vote democrat again ?

    1. After Trump how can anyone vote GOP ever….why is some still worried about Hillary…there are more important issues than a Clinton? Biden is a centrist his running mate is a centrist and that should help them get elected….no progressive ideas and pro business…..we will all be screwed again. Nothing new chuq

  2. All the promises will come to nothing anyway, and it will be just the same thing, only without Trump. At least America won’t be embarrassed every single day.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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