Your Phone Is Spying On You!

Yet more FYI for this Sunday…..

Do you have a smart phone?

Of course you do!

Did you know that your phone could be spying on you every day?

In the earlier days of the coronavirus pandemic, an animated map from a company called Tectonix went viral. It showed spring breakers leaving a Florida beach to return to their homes across the US, as a series of tiny orange dots congregating on a beach in early March scattered across the country over the following two weeks.

“It becomes clear just how massive the potential impact of just one single beach gathering can have in spreading this virus across our nation,” the video’s narrator said. “The data tells the stories we just can’t see.”

But there was another story there that most of us can’t see: how trackers hidden in smartphone apps are the source of incredible amounts of specific data about us, much of which gets sent to companies you’ve never heard of. This has been going on for years and is an essential part of the mobile app economy. But it took the Covid-19 pandemic to bring some of these companies, and what they’re capable of, to the forefront.

Your phone is the ideal tool for advertisers and data brokers, both as a means of collecting your information and serving you ads based on it. This is usually done through software development kits, or SDKs, which these companies provide to app developers for free in exchange for the information they can collect from them, or a cut of the ads they can sell through them. When you turn on location services for a weather app so it can give you a localized forecast, you may be sending your location data back to someone else.

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5 thoughts on “Your Phone Is Spying On You!

  1. I rue the fact that I am not competent to operate a smart phone. My phone is a land line. I do have an “old peoples” flip phone that I carry in the event I have a car accident or if the cable/phone/internet goes down or if I travel but do not use it for standard simple communication . Spent hours with phone provider but could not get signed in for internet. Seems some of the aps would be very useful esp sending money. Perhaps I am better off without this tech anyway.

  2. This issue is well-known here. I don’t have apps on my smartphone, but my wife does. When we were discussing the purchase of a buggy for the new grandchild, she immediately got a stream of advertisements for them pop up on her Facebook App. After days of similar happenings, she went into the settings, and disabled the ‘Assistant’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Smart idea! My daughter has an Iphone and she has had the camera turn on by itself and ads sent to her that she has not searched for but talked about with hubby…..chuq

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