Closing Thought–02Jul20

On this day 02 July in 1822 Denmark Vesey was executed in South Carolina for planning a massive slave revolt…..also on this day Pres. Garfield is shot and killed by Charles Guiteau……Earhart disappears over the Pacific……and in 1976 North and South Vietnam are unified……your history lesson for the day…..

As most of my readers know I am not a supporter of Biden in 2020….he is just too centrist for my liking….he is a typical American politician he will say anything that makes him/her look like a good choice.

For example…..during debates (remember those) Biden was opposed to Medicare For All and now as the election grows closer all of a sudden he thinks health care is a right for all……

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden left some progressives perplexed Thursday when he spoke at length about healthcare during a campaign stop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania—making a number of points that would suggest he supports Medicare for All, a proposal he denounced as “unrealistic” throughout the Democratic primary.

Washington Post reporter Jeff Stein noted that Biden mentioned the unemployment crisis that’s grown out of the coronavirus pandemic in his speech, suggesting that the loss of employer-based health coverage has made a powerful case for the federal government to guarantee healthcare to all Americans.

“Families are reeling right now,” the former vice president said, “losing their employers’ plans in droves as their employers go out of business, or have to suspend business—they need lifelines now.”

If Medicare For All is a good idea now then it was before as well….

If president I would not trust Biden to give all Americans health care…..they tried it with Obamacare and the industry made sure that never happened… what makes anyone think it will be different the next time around?

Biden just keeps giving me more reasons to look elsewhere for my vote.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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2 thoughts on “Closing Thought–02Jul20

  1. I saw him quoted as promising everyone ‘the same healthcare I would want for my own family’. If anyone believes that, I have a bridge for sale in London.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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