I’m Sick Of It!

Before I begin this rant….I want wish all my fathers a Happy Father’s Day….and thanx for your time these many years…..

Happy Fathers Day 2020 Clipart New Images Of 2020

Now a rant of a few of my hated things……stuff I am truly ‘sick’ of…..

Pretentious sanctimonious dick wads….the virus has bought them out in numbers.

First, those people that say they lost 25 lbs and they got their life back…..seriously those extra pounds made them lie down a wait for death?

Second, those people mostly women that are proud of the healthy lifestyle and wear their yoga pants for they think their butts look good….it does not…..plus their healthy lifestyle does not include a mask in this time of pandemic….so they want to look all that and endanger people around them….

I am sick of Reality TV invading all aspects of my TV enjoyment….game shows on the cooking networks…..ghost hunters that never find a ghost….for 10 seasons!  There is some hope for a couple of cop reality shows have been cancelled….Live PD and Cops…..and the IQ of the view public has increased by 10 points.

Sick of people that let their cats run free…..I get penalized if my pup is out and about without a leash and yet Garfield can run free.  That is racism!

I am sick to the d/bags that have to heap their rubbish on the sidewalks because they do not want it in their yards….never mind that sidewalks are in the public domain…..and do not get me started on the slobs that feel they should park their expensive cars on the sidewalk because there is no room in their driveways and garages….so the public is suffering for their selfish BS.


Thanx I needed that!

Happy Father’s Day……


Be Well….Be Safe…..

Rappin' Father's Day Ecard (Fun Song) | American Greetings

4 thoughts on “I’m Sick Of It!

  1. I’m with you on reality TV. It has almost taken over the schedules here, to the extent that I only watch around 3-4 programmes a week, as well as the news. I have a huge amount of potential TV to watch, and hardly watch anything because of so-called’ reality’!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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