What Does De-Fund Mean?

An op-ed from my opinion blog…..not all communities have this problem….my local law enforcement program….https://www.wlox.com/2020/06/11/zero-tolerance-racial-bias-prejudice-harrison-co-law-enforcement-academy/

Any thoughts about your community? chuq

Gulf South Free Press

The call these days is to de-fund the people because of the police abuses toward the people especially minorities.

I have written that I think the term “de-fund” is not the best term to use because it will be spun into something that does not represent the issue at all.

The once-obscure slogan has become a rallying cry for protesters calling out police brutality and racial disparities in policing.

Calls to defund the police have become a rallying cry for protesters calling out police brutality and racial disparities in policing. But there are plenty of questions about what that means.

Some activists are pushing for police funding to be redirected to Black communities for services like education, health care and housing. Others want to completely abolish local police forces.


  • Evolution: This used to be more of a thought bubble among activists and academics on the left, but it’s been…

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24 thoughts on “What Does De-Fund Mean?

    1. I think that they have called for reform for many years and no one took it seriously….they were looking for a term that would capture the narrative. Just a thought chuq

      1. Makes sense with that perspective. The whole matter has taken on a more universal tone. The rest of America finally gets what African Americans have known and lived forever.

      2. We’ll find out one way or another. Then, there’s another man shot in the back in Atlanta, barely after the former last one. Police will have less opportunity to hide from these murders over nothing but being black.

  1. Seattle has that 6-square block area with no police and already they are shaking down businesses for the right to operate in “their” zone. How is that better?

      1. I’m tired of criminals demanding civil rights when they take them away from others. I’m tired of home-grown terrorists being succumbed to. You are a prime example of a person drinking the kool-aid.

  2. The police do need to be investigated when they do wrong, but no ‘real’ police at all just results in a worse situation for everyone. The knee-jerk reaction currently being considered will be one they end up regretting.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. “Defund” means “Weaken The Polices’ Abilities to respond to cries for help when criminals run wild.” Imagine calling 911 when a police officer is needed only to be told, “Because of recent defunding of the department, there will be an approximate 4-hour delay before an officer can respond to your call. We apologize for the inconvenience because your call is important to us.”

      1. Purge the force through a series of comprehensive mental evaluations is a better choice as far as I am concerned.

      2. Weed out the paranoid perverts who believe that their guns are extensions of their penises and that will be a good beginning.

  4. maybe they meant to say “DeFANG the police”. Part of me wonders if that was a typo. Take away some of those heavy tactics to make protecting and serving a priority (and pass off some of the things cops shouldn’t be called to do all the time to social workers and other public servants). That’ll make ’em less scary to others, and perhaps the cops won’t be so paranoid and over-stretched.

    Other than the “us vs. them” training a warrior cop gets, the idea that you can have them do anything (and feed that propaganda) and end up calling them for everything major or minor is not helpful. More community help programs, rehab programs, etc. would be a better use of the money (and give cops a break before they snap).

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