News No One Can Use

In a fit of whimsy I thought I would give my readers some news that means nothing to anybody.

First up is the news that in the UK research is being done to see if dogs can spot Covid-19…..

Dogs are to be trained to try to sniff out the coronavirus before symptoms appear in humans, under trials launched with £500,000 of government funding.

Dogs have already been successfully trained to detect the odour of certain cancers, malaria and Parkinson’s disease, and a new study will look at whether labradors and cocker spaniels can be trained to detect Covid-19 in people.

Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine will carry out the first phase of a trial in collaboration with Durham University and the charity Medical Detection Dogs.

In my state there are churches that have been fighting the stay at home thing….now one has been torched…..

A Mississippi church that defied coronavirus restrictions was burned to the ground early Wednesday in a suspected arson case. “Bet you stay home now you hypokrits,” read a spray-painted message on the ground near the doors to First Pentecostal Church in Holly Springs, a city of 7,600, Maj. Kelly McMillen of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department tells the New York Times. The graffiti also included an atomic symbol with the letter “A” in the middle, which the Times notes is used as a symbol for atheism. The church had sued the city in April over its stay-at-home order, arguing it interfered with officials’ right to free speech and ability to worship. A church lawyer says police cited the pastor for holding an Easter service and later closed a Bible study. A video shows church members confronting city officials at a local Walmart on Easter.

Personally I think these people were idiots and a bit ridiculous….but to burn down the church is a bit extreme…..

Our oceans and landfills and wilderness are all chocking from plastic….now there may be a solution…..

Beer and soft drinks could soon be sipped from “all-plant” bottles under new plans to turn sustainably grown crops into plastic in partnership with major beverage makers.

A biochemicals company in the Netherlands hopes to kickstart investment in a pioneering project that hopes to make plastics from plant sugars rather than fossil fuels.

The plans, devised by renewable chemicals company Avantium, have already won the support of beer-maker Carlsberg, which hopes to sell its pilsner in a cardboard bottle lined with an inner layer of plant plastic.

We now have electric cars, buses….but what about planes?

A prototype jet engine can propel itself without using any fossil fuels, potentially paving the way for carbon-neutral air travel.

The device compresses air and ionizes it with microwaves, generating plasma that thrusts it forward, according to research published Tuesday in the journal AIP Advances. That means planes may someday fly using just electricity and the air around them as fuel.

Enough of the news you cannot use…..

Be Well….Be Safe….

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

8 thoughts on “News No One Can Use

  1. Who is going to be the first to try trans-Atlantic flight in a plasma/microwave-powered plane, I wonder?
    Certainly not me. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Me either…bit these hipsters are up for anything….besides they can wear their glide suits in case it goes to crap chuq

  2. Burning down the church was a bit extreme but you have to admit that it was also effective. And with the Boeing scandal and the low-quality maintenance on aircraft these days, I wouldn’t fly across any body or water or any land mass for that matter in anything …. unless it was a gentle and big enough bird … and even birds aren’t dependable all the time because there was this one incident where two hundred fleas lost their lives in a bird crash.

    1. John I had a plane removed from my ass when I left the service of my country and I will not step on another one…LOL chuq

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