Covid-19 Fraud In Mississippi

In the recent past a pharmacist and a doctor and his son were nailed for prescription fraud against Medicare…..well it seems that we also have some d/bags that were hoarding supplies in this time of emergency….

A pharmaceutical company owned by Ocean Springs developer Kenneth Ritchey is accused in a federal court case of hoarding scarce personal protective equipment needed during the COVID-19 pandemic, with federal agents recovering a trove of respirator masks, face shields, gloves and other items from the business.

FBI agents raided Gulf Coast Pharmaceuticals Plus LLC on North Halstead Road on April 17, but Southern District U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst declined then to comment on the investigation.

Ritchey is a former business partner of Clark Levi, a pharmacist who owned Lovelace Drugs in downtown Ocean Springs before he died in a car crash with his wife.

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2 thoughts on “Covid-19 Fraud In Mississippi

  1. If they were waiting for the price to go up, they missed the boat. Now the restrictions have eased, nobody will be buying that stuff outside of hospitals and care workers. Not unless we get that ‘second wave’ of course.
    Profiteering is no surprise, unfortunately. The bad side of human nature.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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