Wasting Food?

I am sure that we all have heard the horror stories of the possibilities of food shortages soon if something does not change.

We pretty much know that we Americans eat less food than we throw away……and this disease has brought up more questions about our food supply…..

I read a report that said Florida farmers are selling directly to consumers to avoid a produce dump…..

Farms across Florida have taken a big hit since restaurants, amusement parks and cruise lines halted business.

There are nearly 47,000 farms in Florida that are providing the world with food and our communities with jobs. 

To help ease the pain of lost revenue due to the steep drop in demand, farmers are now selling their crops directly to consumers.

If you can’t find certain fruits or veggies at your local grocery store, CLICK HERE to see if there is a farm near you and pick up what you need.

On the Florida Farm To You webpage, you can learn where to get farm-fresh items like Florida-grown produce, milk, seafood and more, straight from Florida farmers.


WAIT!  A produce dump?  You mean that people are going hungry and these farmers cannot call the nearest bank to tell them to come pick up fresh veggies and fruit?

WAIT!  A produce dump?

Food is being thrown out at an alarming rate……

In the Salinas Valley of California — known as America’s salad bowl — we visited the municipal dump. The fertile strip of land surrounding the town of Salinas produces an estimated 70 percent of U.S. salad greens.

At the dump, we caught up with Operations Manager Cesar Zuniga as a dump truck pulled in. It was filled to the brim with salads and other waste from nearby farms.

“This one looks like a mixed load,” Zuniga says. As it tipped its load out tumbled a 15 foot heap of greens.

And a lot of it looked crisp and ready to eat.

“Some loads … look very fresh,” Zuniga says. “We question, wow, why is this being tossed?”

Zuniga says the load that arrived today is pretty typical. “This is what we see through the spring and fall months: We see a lot of food waste from the salad processing plants,” he says.

As we step closer to the dumped load, Zuniga picks up a bag of salad and looks at the sell-by date stamped onto the package.


Hungry people and these businesses are throwing good food way?

Are you telling me that a food pantry would not go pick it up for distribution….time to make these businesses pay for their cavalier attitude toward the hungry….if anything it should be a crime to throw away food that is still fresh.

This reminds me of the coat debacle from years ago when Walmart got caught throwing away good winter coats with NO thought of the homeless and the needs they may have had…..

The names of companies that are throwing way food should be posted and we consumers should boycott them as much as possible.

Just my thought!

I Read, I Write, You KNow

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13 thoughts on “Wasting Food?

  1. Prepared food, too, goes to waste in restaurants. At a local Pizza Hut, I stopped by at the end of their lunch buffet. Everything not eaten was put in a plastic bag for the garbage. The bag had at least the equivalent of ten gallons of perfectly edible food in it! I’m sure the amount varies from day to day, but the idea of tossing perfectly good food that way suggests poor planning on one hand and poor response to that poor planning on the other. I save my change to give to a group that prepares backpacks of easily prepared foods for children who depend on the schools for nutrition (poor families, families with alcoholic parents, single parent low income families, etc.) There are hungry people in my town! There’s another group that prepares meals for distribution to needy people each noon. There are seniors who barely survive on Social Security. The need for that bag full of food is there, but people would have to dumpster dive to get it! Surely the proprietor of this and other restaurants and grocers tossing perfectly healthy and edible food could do mare to get it into the bellies of those who are in need! I know, I know! “Pull themselves up by their bootstraps” and other bullshit!

    1. That is sad news…..there needs to be a law that says that food MUST be offered to food banks and meal delivery people…..if they do no then they are fined per day until they get on board….be well and safe chuq

      1. The direct sale to consumers business is a small start. It must be a terrible blow to farmers plowing under, dumping, otherwise disposing of perfectly edible food.

  2. They would sooner throw food away than sell it at reduced profits. That is pretty much the best example of everything that is wrong about the Capitalist system. People go hungry so others can grow wealthy on their suffering.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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