Covid-19–What About The Groceries?

This virus thing has given the people a wealth of information for them to try and digest… some cases it is TMI and helps with the confusion.

Here at IST I try to help with as much FYI as I can with the respect that it could help in the understanding of what is needed.

Plus while writing this post I may have come across the reason for the shortage of TP… on……

When we go to the market we should wear a mask and gloves and use wipes to clean the surface of the cart…..but what about the groceries in that cart?

Is all that necessary?

In March a Michigan doctor’s video on how to sanitize your groceries went viral—and his tips were pretty involved. But are they really necessary? According to the infectious disease, virology, and food safety experts NPR spoke with, perhaps not. The upshot of their tips is this: “Focus on the people, not the food,” as respiratory droplets are the biggest source of infection, per a Columbia University virologist. Here are seven more things to consider:

Don’t use your phone in the store. If you do so, you’re basically putting your hand on your face—a no-no.

Wear a mask, not gloves. Speaking of hands, the experts say gloves can provide a false sense of security and advise against them. As soon as you touch a contaminated surface the gloves are contaminated, but many people leave their gloves on for an extended period of time, and do things like talk on the phone or handle credit cards while wearing them. Instead, just wash or sanitize your hands as you enter and exit the store and once you get home.

Chill on the grocery sanitizing. Good news—none of the experts NPR spoke with are going to town on the grocery sanitizing. One says the probability of getting infected from your bag of tortilla chips is just really low. You’d have to touch the very spot where respiratory droplets landed, get enough of it on your hands to get infected, and then touch your face. Washing your hands after unpacking your bags and before cooking and eating is good practice.

But remember your countertops. After you unpack your groceries, give them a wipe down.

Steer clear of disinfecting spray or wipes. You’re trying to make sure your pasta is coronavirus-free … but dousing the box it’s packaged in using disinfectant isn’t the way to go. The experts note such cleaning products are made for hard surfaces and could actually end up contaminating your food if used on certain kind of packaging. If you need to wipe, a little soap and water is sufficient.

You don’t need to soap up your produce. One expert says a simple cold-water rinse is fine, noting that consuming soap residue could spur diarrhea or vomiting.

Wash your hands when touching frozen food at home. Cold temperatures help the virus live longer, so wash those hands after taking frozen items out of the freezer.

Read the full story for more grocery-shopping tips.

Number 6 could explain the necessity for so much damn TP.

I hope these steps will be helpful.

Be Calm…..Avoid Crowds…..Wash Hands Often…..Stay Prepared

I Read, I Write, You Know

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16 thoughts on “Covid-19–What About The Groceries?

  1. All good advice, chuq. But one reason why toilet paper is in such high demand is because so many people are no longer using staff toilets at work, toilets provided at schools and colleges, or public toilets when travelling. One of the first things I noticed when I retired was that I had to buy more toilet paper than when I was at work. 🙂
    Aloss, more people are snacking on food they don’t normally have time to eat, and exercising less. That is likely to mean more trips to the toilet.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    In summary … helpful hints!! “Focus on the people, not the food,” as respiratory droplets are the biggest source of infection, per a Columbia University virologist! … Be Calm … Avoid Crowds … Wash Hands Often … Stay Prepared!

  3. What protects us from superbug germs? Drugs, vaccines, hand washing, masks, anti germ sprays, or something else?

    Dr. Shiva Ayadurai On Immune System – Globally, Fascists Use Coronavirus Crisis To ‘Freeze’ Democracy – COVID-19 Creates Problem, Fear Based Reaction – Trump Provides 9 Steps And 14 ‘Benefits Of 1 Percent Controlled, Top Down Medical, Military Monopoly Based Fascism – Nurse On Nationalizing U.S. Healthcare

  4. I saw that video and thought it was a bit anal. Glad to know it isn’t recommended. The soap and water business for fruit was especially weird, though he later said just water was enough.

    1. Like I said…if soap gives humans the squirts then we found the reason for the TP shortage….LOL Hope all is well with you chuq

      1. I’m having a bit of toilet paper anxiety, but (no pun intended) if hope to locate some today at the grocery store. Other than that, all is well here. Fortunately, i am used to aloneness, so the current situation isn’t all that different from my norm.

      2. Glad to hear all is well….and I know what you mean….I have been a hermit since 2006 so I am dealing well….chuq

  5. Scored a 4-pack of toilet paper this morning on my 6 AM grocery story scavenger hunt. Did well with chocolate and water and got a gallon of bleach too ! Can’t find masks in stores or on line sold out and have been using bandanna and handkerchiefs but can’t keep them tied or from falling down from my face. I’m 70 and besides age have 6 health risks on that list. At this time when I need to see my doctors I can’t get to see any of them. And you can’t do blood lab work over the phone.

    1. That is a bummer…..We had enough TP for months and water too…..we prepare like it was a hurricane and we came out alright. Be well and safe….chuq

  6. Katrina was a mother alright. Didn’t do too bad in Miami but Wilma, I think it was, came 10 days before and when Katrina hit the ground was so rain soaked we lost a lot of trees falling that would have survived just a Katrina hit. When I was a kid I’d go around the neighborhood doing clean up fallen trees. To make over $500 every year at 11 years old in 1960 was quite a jackpot

    1. Many people made some good cash out of Katrina….I was working for the state at the time and shortly after was when I lost my leg… no cash….I was back at work to days after the storm as soon as I could get out of my neighborhood….chuq

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