Psi Phi Society–2020 Spring Session

My one joy in life is when the Psi Phi (ΨΦ) Society meets and we get together with friends and have a good meal and discussion.  (Please do not tell Sue I wrote that)

The Chi Xi (ΧΞ) Circle decided that I would give the talk this session.

Sadly our Spring Session for 2020 has been cancelled because of Covid-19…..we had considered a on-line version but the vote was for a cancellation……so I thought I would put my contribution to the session in a post for my weekend.

After much thought I came up with my subject from my younger days.

A little background first….in my younger days I lived in Spain on the Balearic Island of Mallorca……while there I was introduced to the history of the island……there is a round castle, more windmills than Holland and Moorish mosaics were everywhere……

Once in college in my history studies I did a paper on the influence of the Moors on the islands……I will try to reproduce the paper as best as I can here.

Mallorca is the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands and has long been a popular tourist destination, particularly among British and German families. There are also plenty of sites which appeal to those interested in the island’s history and legacy, some dating back as far as prehistoric times.

Evidence of habitation dating back some 8,000 years has been found on the island. However, the recorded history of Mallorca officially dates from the year of 123 BC, when it became part of the Roman Empire….after the defeat of Carthage in 146BCE…..

The early Romans developed two settlements which remain important commercial centers to this day, namely Pollensa in the north and Palma in the south. The mining of salt and the growing of olives proved to be the mainstays of Mallorca’s economy during this era, while the island’s soldiers became legendary in the Roman ranks.

Roman rule lasted until 426 AD, when Mallorca was overthrown by the Vandals. The island was conquered by the Byzantine Empire in the second quarter of the 6th century AD, which promoted Christianity and funded church construction. By the 8th century, Mallorca was coming under increasing attacks from North African Muslims and by the 10th century, it had been completely swallowed up by the powerful Caliphate of Córdoba.

The Caliphate was at the peak of its powers when it conquered the island in 902 AD, and the next century was a golden era in the history of Mallorca. The capital, Palma, was known as Madina Mayurqa at this time. The island later came under the independent Taifa of Dénia until Palma was occupied by the Catalans and the Pisans in an early 12th-century siege. These invaders were eventually driven off by the Almoravides. Modern Mallorca has few remnants dating back to the Moors, although the ancient Arab Baths in Palma still remain open to visitors.

For more info about the Islamic Balearic Islands…..

The house I lived in Mallorca was part of the “Old Town” or the Arab Quarter……there were so many points of interests especially the mosaics…..but sadly not much architecture is left from the Moors….the Arab Baths remain and the Arch of Almudaina……

Arab Baths, Palma, Mallorca, Spain | Stock Photo

Arab Baths , Palma-de-mallorca | Halal Trip

The night would have ended…..After a good discussion the evening ended with a snifter of brandy and some suggestions about the next session, Summer, but that will be up to the Chi Xi Circle.

All in all it would have been another great evening with friends.

Hopefully this virus thing will be under some sort of control by the Summer Session (TBA)……

Learn Stuff!

Be safe and well……

“lego ergo scribo”

Happy Easter Sunday 2020 Quotes Images | Easter Friday Pictures


2 thoughts on “Psi Phi Society–2020 Spring Session

  1. Thanks for going ahead with this anyway, chuq. I have never been there, so it was really interesting.
    I hope things have calmed down in time for your next meeting.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Me as well…I miss those outings as a respire from the blogging and reading …LOL Mallorca is a wonderful place,,,,,,a shame it has become a destination for the jet set….maybe with the virus they will move on and leave Mallorca alone…..chuq

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