What Will The Post-Pandemic World Be?

In these days as we stay at home and try to lead a normal life you are trying to decide what will we do do after day to keep our sanity…..but has anyone thought about the post-pandemic world we will be left with?

Well a couple of us bloggers try to look to the future as a way to cope with our need to understand the consequences of this disease.

First, the “world order”….the US is not showing any leadership in the world handling this virus……

Meanwhile, the 11 million people of Wuhan in China, where the pandemic began, are starting to return to a more normal life, with the city’s subway system running again and businesses reopening. In the province of Hubei (Wuhan is the capital), 4.6 million people returned to work last week, while another 2.8 million returned from quarantine in Hubei to jobs in other parts of China, a mass migration that seemed unthinkable a month ago.

But international trade and travel will be severely depressed until the world as a whole recovers from COVID-19, so no country can fully recover as long as others are still in the grip of the pandemic. Different countries are trying different approaches to the problem based on their own economic, political and healthcare systems. We can all learn from each other and we will have to help each other get through this. COVID-19 has mainly hit the people of wealthier countries first, because they travel more and carry it with them from country to country. But unless and until it is eradicated globally, no country will be immune.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has stressed timely and systematic contact tracing and testing as the key to fighting COVID-19. This means quickly tracing the contacts of each infected patient and testing them, whether they show symptoms or not.


But who will come out of this crisis on the other side of disaster?

In turn, the US’s lack of leadership has opened a multi-pronged diplomatic opportunity to China, which having overcome the first wave of the virus is now exporting testing kits and ventilators to other countries. So far the list of countries receiving aid from Beijing corresponds markedly with the countries whose leaders have embraced China’s $1trn Belt and Road Initiative: Italy, Serbia, Venezuela and Liberia. Serbia’s president used the opportunity of an arriving aid plane to blast the European Union whose solidarity, he said “was a fairytale”.


Some seem to think that this pandemic will make this world a worse place…..authoritarianism will rise…..loss of rights….etc…..

In the United States, one Party, the Republicans, doesn’t even pretend to be concerned about the growth of wealth-inequality after 1980; but the other Party, the Democrats, do make that pretense; and so a deal is being worked out in the U.S. Congress that both Parties will tout as being a ‘balanced’ bailout bill, because it will bail out both the megacorporations that the billionaires own and control, and the public — their workers (especially the ones that those billionaires are now laying off). Because of the enormous give-aways to the billionaires, deficit-spending by the government will be soaring out of control, and ultimately paper money will plunge in value, which will bring on a global depression that will be even worse than 1929. Some governments will find ways to nationalize the wealth of billionaires and perhaps also of centi-millionaires in order to fund the continuing needs of the public, and there will be a scramble by many of those super-rich to relocate to countries where they still will be able to bribe enough government officials so as to provide safe haven for their accumulated wealth. Graduated exit-taxes will be instituted by any of the industrialized countries that aren’t totally corrupt, but the most extremely corrupt industrialized countries will experience massive capital-flight and a future as a “third world” nation, under extended martial law.

The Post-Coronavirus World Will be Far Worse Than the Pre-Coronavirus World

Now this is a subject that needs expanding……

Any thoughts?

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9 thoughts on “What Will The Post-Pandemic World Be?

  1. I often worry about the post coronavirus/COVID-19 world. I do worry that authoritarian regimes will rise. As a disabled person, that thought scares me. Because I would be one of the targets.

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