Saturday Randomness

The Shelter in place is still the rule of the day….and by now most Americans have their opinions on the virus and its situations….whether right or wrong… I want to lighten up the mood for those that are starting to suffer from “cabin fever”…..after all I do try to be a FYI blog when I can.

Some random thoughts that made me smile and hopefully they will do the same for you….

First there is something leaking out ur anus……

NASA scientists digging back through decades-old data from the Voyager 2 spacecraft have made an eyebrow-raising discovery: Something appeared to have been sucking Uranus’ atmosphere out into space.

When Voyager 2 flew past Uranus in 1986, it seems to have passed through something called a plasmoid — a gigantic blob of plasma, essentially — that escaped Uranus and likely pulled a giant gassy cloud of the planet’s fart-like atmosphere along with it, reports.

A fart story is always a smile getter….

This thought is for my male readers (sorry ladies)……

It seems that those feminists back in the 60s and 70s may have been onto something by burning all those bras…..

Wearing a bra does more harm than good – it does nothing to reduce back pain and weakens the muscles that hold up the breasts, resulting in greater breast sagging, Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sports science expert from the University of Besançon, France, reported after a 15-year study.

Rouillon says that the main conclusion from the preliminary results of his “marathon experiment” is that the bra is a false necessity.

In an interview with France Info (radio), Professor Rouillon said:

Ever come face to face with one of those burning questions of life?  Like is there a God?  Why are we here?  Stuff like that……well there is another question that needs answering….do astronauts jerk off in space?

And would you know I have an answer for you…….

“While we expect our employees to behave in a professional manner at all times, their personal lives are their own unless it begins to directly affect their job performance.” 

This was the official statement I received from NASA’s media relations team at Johnson Space Center, following a handful of politely persistent emails on the subject of whether astronauts masturbate in space. While it’s hardly the Neil Armstrong dick pics I was hoping to get, it’s still surprisingly forthcoming for the notoriously conservative NASA — it seems, in fact, to be about as direct as they’ve ever been on the subject, since they normally ignore or flatly rebuff any media questions on sex or sexuality. (“I’m amazed that they acknowledged this at all,” a physician who’s worked with NASA tells me.)

But NASA’s stand, then, is basically, “if it doesn’t interfere with their work, it’s cool,” which certainly seems to acknowledge that masturbation in space does exist. This aligns with other clues the public has gotten over the years on the subject: In a pretty spectacular Men’s Health interview with retired Air Force Colonel Mike Mullane, the former astronaut admitted that, thanks to the way blood flows in the absence of gravity, he would occasionally “wake up from sleep periods and I had a boner that I could have drilled through kryptonite.” 

Do Astronauts Jerk Off in Space?

Another burning question of life answered.

One final thought concerning the virus and the use of bleach…..

Recent incident of sanitising a group of workers in UP’s Bareilly district has sparked a debate on the use of a chemical, sodium hypochlorite, as disinfectant.

Commonly known as bleach, sodium hypochlorite is mostly used for surface purification, bleaching, odour removal and water disinfection according to a latest report by the Free Press Journal.

In another video doing the rounds on social media, officials in Kerala could be seen spraying soap solution on a group of people.

Be Well…Be Safe…..

Remain calm…..avoid crowds…..wash hands often…..stay prepared…..

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Randomness

    1. There will be a pink coloured starship too. I am sure. :-))
      Ever thought about the different terms for the actual situation?
      One call it self-isolation, onther one separation, than lockdown or shutdown. 😉

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