Tale Of The Three Apples

It is the weekend and the days are getting warmer so I will try to put the Covid behind me for at least a couple of days…..and try to be an FYI posts……

For a long time now we have been told that Edgar Allen Poe was the inventor of the detective story…….well that is not necessarily true.

Actually the first whodunit came from the Arabian Nights collection and its title is “The Tale of the Three Apples”

A breakdown for your convenience…..

This story is typically regarded as one of the original murder mystery/whodunit stories that are so popular today. It begins with the discovery of a body, then introduces a pair of suspects, and continues along a series of twists until the final culprit is revealed. The difference between this and a more typical whodunit, though, is that our detective character (Ja’far the vizier) does not actually succeed in solving any crime; he simply happens upon the answer when he discovers the apple in his daughter’s pocket.

The story makes great use of twists, which is today a commonly-used tactic for keeping readers engaged, interested, and alert. In both instances, just when Ja’far is about to be executed, some big reveal changes the course of the story. First, the two men show up and take the blame. Then, he discovers that his own slave is guilty. Plot twists are essential components to any story that has elements of detective fiction, and of most successful stories in general. One of the great virtues of this collection is that it employs so many elements of good storytelling in a time before any professional criticism was available. That implies that the standards of storytelling (often cited to Aristotle’s Poetics) developed before any criticism indicated their value.


A fascinating read if one has the time….in case my more literary visitors then here is a place to read the story……


As a fact the entire collection known as “The Arabian Nights”……


I will adjourn to the garden for some wine, cheese and fruit……please all be well and safe……

“lego ergo scribo”

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