May We Call It A Mini Super Tuesday?

Yesterday the 2020 election moved to 6 other states……among which is Michigan….an almost must win for the nominee….

Without more editorializing let’s go to the result.

Bernie Sanders’ chances of winning the Democratic nomination just got much more difficult. The AP called all-important Michigan (125 delegates) for Joe Biden Tuesday night. Sanders won the state in 2016 in a stunning upset over Hillary Clinton, but he could not repeat the magic. He trailed Biden by 12 percentage points with more than half the results counted, per CNN. The former VP earlier won in Mississippi (36) and Missouri (68) by wide margins. Polls also have closed in North Dakota (14), Idaho (20) and Washington state (89), but those races have not been called.

The Washington Post reports that Biden has won the Idaho caucuses with around 49% of the vote. In 2016, Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in Idaho with 78% of the vote. In Washington, which was also Sanders country in 2016, Biden and Sanders were in a “virtual tie” early Wednesday, with 32.7% for Sanders and 32.5% for Biden, with only 2,000 out of 1 million votes counted separating the candidates, reports the Seattle Times. In what may be his only win of the night, Sanders has a big lead in North Dakota’s caucuses, though the state’s 14 delegates may end up being split evenly between him and Biden.

Exit polls from the early states show that Biden got strong support from African-American voters, reports the Washington Post. Late deciders and older white voters also tended to go Biden’s way. Sanders won Washington state in 2016, and he had a decent chance of winning there again on Tuesday, per Politico. Still, the loss in battleground Michigan is seen as a serious blow to his chances of winning the nomination. A total of 352 delegates were up for grabs Tuesday, which means that nearly half of all delegates in the 2020 primary will have been awarded when the latest results are tallied.

Just one month into the election and we now have an idea who will be the Dem nominee (as if there was much doubt if you listen to the media form the last year)

And the election drags on.

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