So You Wanna Be a A Space Cadet?

Or maybe a Starship Trooper? Even a Colonial Marine?

What the Hell am I going on about?

The US has a new branch of our military, the Space Force…..and if you would like to join up then maybe knowing what jobs will be available would help…..

Maj. Gen. Clinton Crosier said Space Force now has built a staff of about 110 in its headquarters element, of about 200 that it needs. Space Force will build to a strength of roughly 15,000, he said, working to stay focused by avoiding duplication of infrastructure and support functions already provided by other services.

Rather, he said, the members of the nation’s newest military branch will focus on five key technical areas: space operations, space engineering, space intelligence, space acquisition and science, and space cyber.

According to Crosier’s presentation, they include the following:

  • 13S Space Ops
  • 1C6 Space Systems Ops
  • 14N Intel
  • 17C Cyber Ops Officer
  • 17D Cyber Ops
  • 1N0 All Source Intel
  • 1N1 Geospatial Intel
  • 1N2 Signals Intel
  • 3D1N4 Fusion Analysis
  • 3D0 Cyber Ops
  • 3D1 Cyber Support
  • 62E Development Engineer
  • 62S Materiel Leader
  • 63A Acquisition Manager
  • 63G Senior Materiel Ldr-Upper Ech
  • 63S Materiel Leader

Be the first on your street to be the newest Space Cadet…..

Somewhere in all this BS is violations of a international treaty on space…..but that never stopped the US from crapping on a treaty to gain the upper hand.

Geez why would I say that about a treaty?

Defense officials want to test a neutral particle-beam in orbit in fiscal 2023 as part of a ramped-up effort to explore various types of space-based weaponry. They’ve asked for $304 million in the 2020 budget to develop such beams, more powerful lasers, and other new tech for next-generation missile defense. Such weapons are needed, they say, to counter new missiles from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran. But just figuring out what might work is a difficult technical challenge.

So the Pentagon is undertaking two studies. The first is a $15 million exploration of whether satellites outfitted with lasers might be able to disable enemy missiles coming off the launch pad. Defense officials have said previously that these lasers would need to be in the megawatt class. They expect to finish the study within six months.

That Is Why!

But that treaty was signed in good faith but before the realization of the massive profits awaiting humans in space.

You kn9ow the old saying…”Profits before Lives”.

Peace Out!

“lego ergo scribo”

10 thoughts on “So You Wanna Be a A Space Cadet?

  1. Sounds like a potentially good military career. Most potential enemies are so far away, you will be dead of old age before ever seeing combat! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. It never ceases to amaze how the US can resist spending money on health, education, or infrastructure but can always find unlimited funds for stupid shit like the Space Force.

  3. If a country like Russia or China becomes capable of exploring space in any big way, do you really think any other country the size of ours is going to respect that treating? The space race, like the arms race, was always coming if we (humanity) existed on a long enough timeline; intentionally handicapping ourselves, allowing other countries to move past where we’re at, would be insane in my view. Space force is a good idea.

    1. Space Force is a waste of cash….stop our endless adventurism and then maybe we can pay for it…..try learning diplomacy and stick with the treaty we have now. chuq

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