The Last Of My Virus Reports

Since this topic is on everybody’s lips and mind I have decided to stop posting on the issue unless something major happens…..for all the information people need is out there they just need to find it and understand it (probably a bit difficult for some).

I did read a couple of reports that show just how bad this thing is becoming……

First that promised vaccine….

A fascinating new Bloomberg feature looks at how the ultra-wealthy are preparing for the growing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

A particularly grim takeaway: Some of the rich have been asking their boutique physicians whether there’s any amount of money that can score them an early-access coronavirus vaccine before the huddled masses.

The tidbit comes via Tim Kruse, a private doctor in the wealthy city of Aspen, Colo., who told Bloomberg that his patients have been asking about a coronavirus vaccine even though, you’ll remember, a vaccine for the virus doesn’t even exist yet.

That kinda reminds me of the BS around transplants…….the rich get them, the poor die waiting.

We have bee told to avoid crowds of all sizes…..first does that mean political rallies?  Next what about a funeral?

Thanx to technology we can attend through the miracle if live streaming……

How can you say goodbye to a loved one who fell victim to a pandemic?

The recent and ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has forced those in the funeral business to address some uncomfortable questions. In fact, in a statement to Sky News, the United Kingdom’s National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) said that in the event of a pandemic, memorial services may need to be held over the internet.

In my case that would not be a problem….for the only people in attendance will be my immediate family…..everybody else can read about it on Facebook or in the obits.

This thing is running a course… everyone please….Be Calm….Avoid Crowds And Be Prepared.

“lego ergo scribo”

7 thoughts on “The Last Of My Virus Reports

  1. Swine flu, zika, sars, ebola… different virus, same story. So far anyways. Yeah this is contagious, and yeah the Communist Chinese government completely failed to contain it, probably on purpose so it would hurt other national economies before it hurt theirs (spread the pain around, same idea as spreading blame around). Given how bad it has been in that respect, it’s all the more phenomenal how will the Trump admin has responded to the spread of this virus.

      1. Donald Trump unilaterally expanded the travel ban to include China, and completely shut down travel to and from China weeks before anybody else reacted to the viral outbreak, causing Chuck Schumer to call him a racist (again). True or false?

  2. Why not funerals via internet? Its the 21th century, and a loss is a loss. But honestly, what will be going on after we would get a vaccine against COVID-19? The next viruses – Jack Sutter named some – are on the way, and here in Europe less states are prepared. Better praying, than paying. 😉 Michael

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