I am hearing all those “great” pundits on the corporate media sites that keep telling me that the Dems will run to the middle the moderate….really?

What does it mean to be a moderate?

A moderate is considered someone occupying any mainstream position avoiding extreme views and major social change.

In other words a candidate that will allow the status quo to continue to rule the nation.

If Dems continue to embrace mediocrity then there will NEVER a more equal society for all its citizens. NEVER!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Independent voters will decide the election. Or better yet: Moderate voters will decide the election. Or, wait for it … If Democrats can move to the middle, they will win in 2020.

These tropes conjure up a particular image: a pivotal bloc of reasonable “independent” voters sick of the two major parties, just waiting for a centrist candidate to embrace a “moderate” policy vision. And there’s a reason this perception exits: You see just that if you look only at topline polling numbers, which show 40-plus percent of voters refusing to identify with a party, or close to 40 percent of voters calling themselves moderates.1 But topline polling numbers mask an underlying diversity of political thought that is far more complicated.

The Moderate Middle Is A Myth

If you want mediocrity just to say that we beat Trump then we deserve all the horrible stuff that moderates bring with them.

And please do not get me started on what I think of so-called “independents”.

Centrists/moderate policies have done little to help the working class….and yet they keep winning and we keep losing.

Then we can pretend that the independents will save us from ourselves….and in the end we still lose.

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

3 thoughts on “Moderates=Mediocrity

  1. John always calls the Democrats ‘Dumbocrats’. Perhaps you can coin a new name for those dull moderates? It seems that our Labour Party is also heading for so-called ‘centre-ground’, which means we can expect another decade of conservatism from all parties here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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