2020 Dem–Another One Bites The Dust–#18

The 2020 Dem candidates field keeps shrinking…..Steyer goes then Mayor Pete and now Amy has decided that the numbers are just not there.

She has had a poor showing in all 4 of the first votes in the nation…..and now time to dash for the exit…..

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar ended her Democratic presidential campaign on Monday and will endorse rival Joe Biden in an effort to unify moderate voters behind the former vice president’s White House bid, per the AP. She is flying to Dallas and plans to join Biden at his rally Monday night. Klobuchar outlasted several better-known and better-funded Democrats, thanks to a better-than-expected third-place finish in in New Hampshire. But she couldn’t turn that into success elsewhere, as she struggled to build out a campaign that could compete across the country and had poor showings in the next contests.

Klobuchar argued that her record of getting things done in Washington and winning even in Republican parts of her state would help her win traditionally Democratic heartland states like Wisconsin and Michigan that flipped in 2016 to give Donald Trump the presidency. She was hoping to own the moderate lane of a Democratic field that grew to some two dozen candidates. But that got much tougher when Biden joined the race in April, starting as a front-runner and remaining there. Klobuchar also was quickly overshadowed by Pete Buttigieg, a fellow Midwesterner who shot from being the largely unknown mayor of South Bend, Indiana, to a top contender on a mix of intelligence, strong oratory and youthful optimism. Buttigieg dropped out on Sunday, saying he no longer had a viable path to the nomination.

That leaves very few candidates left…..mostly centrists with two progressives…..and today is Super Tuesday…..there may be more exits later today….

We will show Amy the exit in IST traditional way….with the music of Queen…..

My candidate is still trying……my alternates are getting few and far between.

We will see after Super Tuesday….

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2 thoughts on “2020 Dem–Another One Bites The Dust–#18

  1. The amount of campaign money pissed away by these candidates is shocking. They could probably have built some hospitals with what they wasted. Or did they stash a lot of it? Me being cynical…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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