On The Road To Armageddon?

It may sound like a Bob Hope/Bing Crosby movie or some religious prediction from the 700 Club.

No sooner than the  news looks good for one war and another seems to fire up again.

Do you know where Megiddo is?

Well there seems to be a situation developing around that ancient site…..and in Syria……we have Israel attacking Syria….Turkey attack Syria and Russia backing Syria….Russia attacks Turkey….all in all this is not a good situation in the making.

Continuing Israel’s recent attacks into Syria, attack helicopters crossed the line of control into the Syrian Golan on Thursday, attacking a number of Syrian military positions around the area.

Details on what was being targeted or why was not entirely clear. Israeli media suggested Hezbollah was being targeted, while Syrian state media reported a civilian was killed in the attack.


There are reports that Russia has attacked Turkish forces in Syria….

Weeks of threats by Turkish President Erdogan to retake Syria’s Idlib Province by force went extremely poorly on Thursday, when Turkish forces moved into an observation post south of Idlib City, and were immediately hammered by airstrikes from both Russia and Syria.

At least 34 Turkish soldiers were reported killed in this strike, a major number of casualties. Turkey’s Hatay Governor reported casualties were still flowing into his province from Idlib.

Turkey has put thousands of troops in Idlib recently, and Erdogan had promised to reclaim all 10 of the observation posts, while ultimately expelling Syria from Idlib. They negotiated with Russia on getting Syria to surrender, but that failed.

Turkey seemed to be under the assumption that they could overrun Syria’s military, still taxed by a long civil war, with little problem. The presence of Russian troops, however, made this very risky, and Russia seems to be underscoring their willingness to get involved.


In response to the deaths of Russians the Navy has decide to participate…..

Russia has announced on Friday that they are sending a pair of warships armed with cruise missiles to the Syrian coast, after recent fighting with Turkish troops.

Over 30 Turkish troops were killed in Idlib Province, and Russia says that they hold Turkey responsible for their own casualties. They said Turkey was not disclosing the location of their troops, and also were embedded with Islamist rebels, making themselves a target.


Turkey shoots down Syrian jets…..

Turkey’s military shot down two Syrian government fighter jets over northwest Idlib, hours after forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad brought down a Turkish drone over the region. 

In a Twitter post on Sunday, Turkey’s defence ministry said its forces struck two SU-24 aircraft in response to the downing of the drone. 


And somewhere in the mix are US troops guarding the Syrian oil fields…..it is only a matter of time until something goes terribly wrong….again.

But not to worry Erdogan has Trump’s support…..

President Trump had a call with Turkey’s President Erdogan on Friday, and according to White House officials, Trump backed Turkey absolutely in Syria, demanding Syria and Russia immediately halt their offensive in Idlib Province.

The White House comments again presented Turkey’s operations as trying to “de-escalate the situation in northwest Syria,” when it would be more correct to say they are trying to keep Islamist groups from being defeated outright by the Syrian government.

With Turkey’s military operations risking running up against Russia, what they likely want is US military backing. Defense Secretary Mark Esper has already said that’s not under serious consideration.

Other US officials say that the US is looking to “help” Turkey in this operation, but it will most likely be in the form of information-sharing and equipment, not direct US military involvement.


That is the good news so far….”not direct US military involvement”.

Appears that not all the admin are on the same page on this situation….State and Pentagon butt heads….

A senior State Department official is at odds with the Pentagon over sending additional military equipment to help Turkey fight against Russian-backed Syrian government forces, four people familiar with the matter tell POLITICO.

James Jeffrey, the U.S. special representative for Syria engagement, has been pressing the Defense Department to send Patriot missile defense batteries to Turkey to help it repel the Syrian government’s assault in Syria’s Idlib province, the people said. But Pentagon officials are worried about the global ramifications of a move they see as reckless.


And the beat goes on.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

4 thoughts on “On The Road To Armageddon?

  1. Erdogan is playing a dangerous game here. Trying to drag the US into a full war with the Syrian government. I hope they see through his deception.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The entire Megiddo Plains thing is well covered in the ancient prophecies contained in the Christian Scriptures and will unfold exactly as predicted therein. The rub is that there is no way that the time frame for the final battle that issues in the end of Mankind will occur can be accurately ascertained.

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