Can Amy Win In 2020?

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One of the few women that remains in the 2020 Dem field is Amy Klobuchar….lots of back and forth can she win? Or can she?

In the last Dem debate Amy said that thanks to her the voter turn out in Minnesota was large…..was it?

In her opening shot at Wednesday’s Democratic primary debate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) claimed credit for Minnesota’s high voter turnout, citing it as evidence of her ability to beat Donald Trump. “I am the one on this stage that had the highest voter turnout of any state in the country when I led the ticket,” she said.

It’s true that Minnesota topped the list for voter turnout nationally in 2018 when Klobuchar ran for re-election. But Minnesota voters also led the country in voter turnout in 2016, when Klobuchar wasn’t on the ticket. (That year, Minnesota regained its regular position on top of the chart from a blip in 2014, when it fell to sixth.)

No, Amy Klobuchar Is Not Responsible for Minnesota’s High Voter Turnout

Back to the original question…..can Amy win in 2020?  (This analysis is from Vox)…..

the best case for the leading Democratic candidates. This article is the the sixth in the series. Read them all here. Vox does not endorse individual candidates.

The case for Sen. Amy Klobuchar comes down to three words: the Electoral College.

Any Democrat up against President Donald Trump this fall won’t be able to count on winning the most votes to take the White House — the nominee will have to beat the convoluted map that heavily favors rural areas, and thus Republicans.

Hillary Clinton won nearly 3 million more votes than Trump in 2016, but her losses in Rust Belt states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania arguably cost her the Electoral College. Whoever runs against Trump will want to put these once-blue states back in the Democratic column, and they’ll have to win over rural voters to do it.

That is the “word” on the street.

She will not get past Super Tuesday if she bombs in South Carolina and so far does not look good for her in that Southern state with a largely black electorate…..

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9 thoughts on “Can Amy Win In 2020?

  1. Amy is a lovely passing shadow on the political landscape who has had her 15 minutes of fame but who will definitely not win in 2020 — but that does not mean we have heard the last of her.

    1. She is doing better than I thought she would….I thought Kamala Harris would still be in there punching….shows how wrong I can be….LOL chuq

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