The B & B Show

That is Bloomberg and Biden…..there is a new poll in Florida and it will be a shock for some…..

Michael Bloomberg’s 2020 strategy of skipping the early states and pouring money into those that vote later appears to be paying off in the crucial swing state of Florida. A new survey from St. Pete Polls has him on top there—and the development appears to have come at the expense of Joe Biden, reports the Hill. A month ago, Biden easily led the pack at 41%, while Bloomberg had 17.3%. In the new survey, Biden has cratered to 25%, while Bloomberg has risen to 27.3%. Behind them are Pete Buttigieg (10.5%), Bernie Sanders (10.4%), Amy Klobuchar (8.6%), and Elizabeth Warren (4.8%).

“Oh my,” writes Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, noting the dramatic reversal of fortune for Bloomberg and Biden. “A few hundred million ad dollars later, Bloomberg now looks very much like a player in the Sunshine State,” he writes. “If that’s all it takes to undercut Biden, then he wasn’t ever going to survive a frontal collision with Donald Trump.” Florida Politics reports that Bloomberg has spent at least $11 million on TV ads in Florida’s big markets, while his Democratic rivals have yet to begin focusing on the state. Florida’s primary is March 17

Mikey just cannot keep his mouth shut trying to out do his fellows Dems with stupid attacks…..this time he attacks Libertarians and Unions…..

Michael Bloomberg has made it his late life’s mission to take on the National Rifle Association, calling the organization “shameful,” “dangerous” and extreme.

The problem now that he’s seeking the Democratic nomination? In his final year as New York mayor, Bloomberg compared two groups core to the Democratic base — a local faction of the American Civil Liberties Union and the New York City teachers union — to the NRA.

“We don’t need extremists on the left or the right running our police department, whether it’s the NRA or the NYCLU,” the then-mayor Bloomberg said of the New York Civil Liberties Union, in a 2013 speech in which he defended the city’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy.

A video of the remarks was obtained by POLITICO.

Not to worry if you do not support either candidate… is a month before the Florida vote and a lot can happen…..but that said Bloomberg does have a massive amount of cash on hand and can buy his way past the voters.

Biden has always used South Carolina as his firewall because of the popularity of Obama….but there seems to be a crack forming in the firewall…..

His message is uninspiring. His ground game is flawed. After Iowa and New Hampshire, they’re no longer convinced he can beat Donald Trump.

Interviews with two dozen South Carolina lawmakers, consultants and voters here suggests there are deep cracks in Joe Biden’s firewall state, where his campaign expects to turn his misfortunes around with a robust victory that highlights his broad-based support — particularly among African Americans.

Bloomberg just wants his money to do the talking….Biden has a feeling of entitlement….neither will do anything but let the status quo continue to rule the roost.

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3 thoughts on “The B & B Show

  1. Bloomberg is 78. It amazes me that the Democrats cannot find, and support, someone who might live long enough to make some sort of difference. Or maybe that’s their plan?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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