Is Democracy Rigged?

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Democracy Series #2

The American voter is not that interested in voting regardless of what the MSM tries to infer by these endless polls.

The real proof is that less than 50% of registered voters actually go to the polls…..write that down…less than 50%.

First question to ask is….do Americans still believe in democracy?

Most people don’t see many opportunities to participate meaningfully in our political process, and many others feel alienated from it altogether. That’s a dangerous place for any democracy to be.

One of the biggest challenges facing American politics is polarization. The public is increasingly split along partisan lines, and the very idea of “Americanness” — who counts as an American and who doesn’t — seems hopelessly muddled. But it’s precisely because we’re so divided that now is a great time to ask what citizenship means and how we might revive it.

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2 thoughts on “Is Democracy Rigged?

  1. General Election turnout in Britain is around 65%-68%.
    The highest figure was recorded in 1950, with an unusually high 84%.
    In recent years, the lowest figure recorded was in 2001, with just 59%.
    On average, around 33% of those eligible to vote do not bother to do so.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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