Cleaning Up

Never now and then I will see, hear or read something that I feel I must share with my readers….and this one is a great one to share…….

I once was a co-owner of a small cleaning business… might of lasted longer if we had employed this type of business model….back in those days if a man lost his job he started a lawn service and women started a house cleaning service…..

Nikki Belton, 33, runs a cleaning company with her employees raking in up to £95-an-hour ($A185) by stripping off and polishing clients’ houses in lingerie or completely nude.

The successful businesswoman from the UK, transformed her £16.50-an-hour ($A30)

service when she realised a nude version would earn her more cash, The Sun reported.

The Naked Cleaning Company offers various domestic cleaning services from lingerie wearing, topless and fully naked cleaners from £75-per-hour ($A145) to up to £95-per-hour ($A185).

“I launched the Naked Cleaning Company as a branch off my main cleaning company because I noticed that there was nothing like it out there,” Ms Belton from Devon, England said.

Maybe if I had been forward looking I would have tried this approach and my defunct cleaning business would be the stuff of special interest reporting……

Hind sight and all that…..

“lego ergo scribo”

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