Closing Thought–05Feb20

Time to vote ALL warmongers out of office as quickly as possible.


All the money spent and what do we have to show?

Our 17 year war in Iraq has cost the US lots of blood and treasure…….to be exact the total in cash is $1.9 trillion…..

Even if the U.S. administration decided to leave — or was evicted from — Iraq immediately, the bill of war to the U.S. to date would be an estimated $1,922 billion in current dollars.

This figure includes not only funding appropriated to the Pentagon explicitly for the war, but spending on Iraq by the State Department, the care of Iraq War veterans and interest on debt incurred to fund 16 years of U.S. military involvement in the country.

Since 2003, the Department of Defense has received about $838 billion in “emergency” and “overseas contingency operation” funding for operations in Iraq through fiscal year 2019. This includes, from 2014 on, money dedicated to the fight against the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS or IS, in a region including both Iraq and Syria.

The Pentagon “base” budget — money needed to keep the department running on an ongoing basis — has also ballooned while the U.S. has been at war. War-related increases to the base budget include heightened security at bases, enlistment and reenlistment bonuses, increased military pay, and the healthcare costs of soldiers. I estimate nearly $800 billion in such increases since 9/11, with Iraq’s share about $382 billion.

Add to this approximately $59 billion spent by the State Department and USAID on Iraq and Syria for democracy promotion, reconstruction, training, and removing unexploded bombs.

(Defense One)

What a waste of taxpayer money….Iraq was stable and secure pre-2003 invasion and the US turned it into into the death trap it is today.

Time for the American people to make their voices heard to end this useless waste of people and money….

Beside US troops is not the answer for Iraq….

It is by now well-chronicled that the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 was based on shockingly bad intelligence. Bush administration officials routinely claimed Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and would use them against America if we didn’t act. As error-ridden, the decision to invade was, our failure to withdraw once the mistake had been made plain began a vicious cycle that has yet to be broken.

With Saddam deposed, the Bush administration could have worked with the existing Iraqi military to maintain public order and set the conditions for the Iraqi people to form a new government. The U.S. military could then have withdrawn beginning in late 2003. Instead, some in Washington wanted to try remaking Iraq in America’s image.

VOTE Antiwar!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

62 thoughts on “Closing Thought–05Feb20

  1. “With Saddam deposed, the Bush administration could have worked with the existing Iraqi military to maintain public order and set the conditions for the Iraqi people to form a new government”

    I think that’s what they tried to do and have been trying to do ever since.

    1. Nope….it was called de-Baathification….they hunted down generals of the military and they became radicalized….the US tried to rebuild the military and are still trying…unsuccessfully….chuq

  2. I don’t think many of the opposition candidates would do much to stop wars. Obama certainly didn’t, and though I can’t speak for most of the rest, I doubt Biden would ether.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. We need to get out of all the needless wars but we definitely need to continue spending in order to keep pace with how our enemies are developing and expanding their military capabilities. Our very stability and security depends on maintaining a decisive first strike capability.

    1. We already have the highest defense budget….we are keeping track alright….it is the waste of humanity that needs to be corrected. chuq

      1. Most people “want” to control everything but most of them don’t want to expend the work to achieve their control.

      2. “We The People” no longer have any say in what happens to us and we damned well don’t have the power or the will do do anything about it.

      3. It is because of their ignorance that they have gotten into the situation where they have no say in anything anymore.

      4. No argument but the government makes sure that the people do not have the information they need nor the education they need…..chuq

      5. Yes, we definitely need to get rid of the corporations so that every dingwilly with a high school exposure can start a home-based business and employ thousands of his neighbors.,

      6. The Internet is not owned or operated by average individuals with anal educations .. It is a giant corporate-controlled phenomenon — It’s ultimate goal is to spy daily on our every thought and action.

      7. That is how they started out small but that is not where they are today. Today they are Oligarchic Monoliths. (Megaliths).

      8. We need a welfare system that requires the able bodied to work and a system that proves need before the welfare is doled out. We need to get the drunks and the dopers off SSI as a starter .. and we have to follow and investigate welfare fraud with everything we can muster to get the job done.

      9. BS as usual….stop blaming them…it was Bush that expanded it as well… is about votes and not about right. chuq

      10. The very definition of “Liberal” is “Generous.” Who cares who expands it. We need to contract it!

      11. You are entitled because apparently you are in a position where you cannot be robbed blind by the taxes that feed the freeloaders.

      12. I am too old to be worried about healthcare costs because I know that when I die the stink will bury me if nothing else does. And, of course, I am fairly well situated to get everything I need paid for.

      13. Somebody had better be regurgitating some hate because if they don’t nobody is going to be inspired to even try to make changes.

      14. Love is just as useless. Have you ever stood up in front of an enemy soldier determined to kill you and convinced him to refrain from doing it by loving him? I trow not.

      15. Yes I have stood before that enemy and I have the scars to prove it……it would be hard to convince them of love while invading and occupying there country….not a very good example John chuq

      16. If love can’t stop the advance of a physical enemy, it sure as hell is not going to have any effect on an ideological or philosophical or political enemy either.

      17. Don’t feel sorry for me — Just understand that it is as you previously intimated, “Nobody understands the meaning of Love.”

      18. We do not need a “Class” .. We need a “Definition” and here it is: “Bias, prejudice mean a strong inclination of the mind or a preconceived opinion about something or someone. A bias may be favorable or unfavorable: bias in favor of or against an idea.

  4. “I think we need philosophy class to settle this…..chuq”

    This is one of the most humorous lines I’ve ever read. Philosophy class unsettles everything ! It’s supposed to or designed to by its very nature. Great line, great joke.

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