Ban The Books!

Closing Thought–24Jan20

First I wish my mother a Happy Birthday…she would have been 99 today….I miss you Mom!

I was never told what I could read by my parents so I have a real problem with the government in any shade that wants to do what my parents never did.

I bring this up because of some ruling in Missouri…..

The bill was introduced earlier this month by Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker (R), who has argued that the measure is meant to protect children when they visit their public libraries.

“The main thing is I want to be able to take my kids to a library and make sure they’re in a safe environment, and that they’re not gonna be exposed to something that is objectionable material,” Baker told local news station KOAM. “Unfortunately, there are some libraries in the state of Missouri that have done this. And that’s a problem.”

The bill would ban libraries that receive state funding from allowing minors access to “age-inappropriate sexual material.” To identify what that content is, the bill would include the creation of “parental library review boards” made up of five locally elected community members. The boards would then review what content it considers appropriate.


Keep this stuff out of the hands of children?

Has this yahoo ever heard of social media?

This is just ignorance in government.

Read it again……

Under the Parental Oversight of Public Libraries Act (H.B. 2044), locally elected “parental library review boards” would be permitted to unilaterally remove books they decide are sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate for young readers from library shelves. 

Libraries that allow children to borrow books that have been banned or whose access has been restricted would risk losing state funding, and librarians could be ordered to pay fines of up to $500 or sentenced to jail time for up to a year.

I just find this amazing……this from a party that hates the “Nanny State” and yet wants to be the same beast it rails against.

Hypocrites each and every one.

Ignorance in government should be a crime!

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

23 thoughts on “Ban The Books!

  1. First they have the review boards, then they start banning books.
    Pretty soon, they start burning banned books on bonfires.
    We know what happens after that.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Hope this not pass, or spread.

    Someone us already making decisions on what books to purchase and put in the public libraries. Probably the head librarian in each county or city.

    Amazing that anyone would come up with an idea for a review committee. But then, remembering other ideas recently from legislators and judges, I should not be surprised.

    1. Like I wrote my parents did not tell me what I could read or not so government should just butt out….besides anything they want can be found on social media…….chuq

  3. My former township in Texas tried this when I founded a library. The city council came in and started whinging on and on about the “types” of books or other materiel that would be available for their children. They wanted to form a group that would “approve” each book or magazine before it became available for checkout. Now mind you, I FOUNDED this library. I rented a small building, brought it up to code, added a handicapped bathroom and walkway, built shelves and used MY OWN books to start.
    A few friends had begun the 501c3 process for a non-profit status for the library just to be aboveboard, and I donated time and money, not to mention over 2000 books, to begin. I argued with the idiots that were “governing” and finally ran for office myself just to stop these fools. Banning books, approving books…it’s all the same thing and totally UNACCEPTABLE! sorry, got on my band wagon there for a bit. It just angers me enormously to see southern state governments acting stupid!

  4. At first i am sorry for your loss, Chuq! Then i am wonderful about the book banning action. You are so right viewing on the internet. Will they do something like Russia too? Seems we are living in a period some people are to crazy, to be real. Michael

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