More Space Stuff!

Here I go again with the space thingy….

My readers know that I keep an eye on the Space Force and our travels outside the atmosphere…..

Are we alone in this vast universe?

We may have an answer soon as exploration of Jupiter’s moons may rove that we are not alone….

In just a few short years, we may know if we’re not alone.

Two probes are being sent to a mysterious moon bursting with the ingredients of life. And expectations are high we’ll find it.

Once it was thought life could not exist without the sun’s warming rays.

We were wrong.

The equation for life (as we know it) is surprisingly simple: soluble water, an energy source, and organic compounds.

Jupiter’s moon Europa appears to have all three.

That’s why we’re going there.

Our new military branch, Space Force, is getting closer to reality….

The Space Force is setting up a “space doctrine center” where the brand-new American armed service can begin to hammer out how to optimally operate in space, the head of Space Operations Command said Friday.

The Space Force was formally established on Dec. 20 as an independent military branch inside the Department of the Air Force. But much still needs to be done to get the fledgling service up on its feet, including laying out its organizational structure, creating a logo, potentially changing the name of bases and transferring airmen over to the Space Force.

Both the Air Force and Space Force have been working to fulfill these tasks, said Maj. Gen. John Shaw, who leads Space Operations Command and holds the title of U.S. Space Command’s combined force space component commander. Space Operations Command was formerly known as 14th Air Force up until the creation of the Space Force.

Then there is SapceX and their plan for Mars in 2050…..

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed new details about his plans to colonize Mars.

In theory, 1,000 Starships could eventually send “maybe around 100k people per Earth-Mars orbital sync,” Musk tweeted. “That’s the goal,” he added.

Musk envisions these ships departing Earth orbit over a 30-day period, the window of time when Earth and Mars are best aligned to make the trip, every 26 months.

I watch The Expanse and you know I can see that world unfolding day by day…..there will be three factions trying to dominate space….Earth, Mars and the newly populated the Outer Planets…..the way we are going about space exploration will not end well for humanity…..but that is a post for another year…no doubt….

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

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10 thoughts on “More Space Stuff!

  1. Yes, I regret deficit spending too but you can be sure China, Russia, North Korea et al are developing space force technology for weaponization and our future survival will depend upon being able to have defence and offence. If we do not we will be forced to capitulate to demands by our enemies even to the point of unconditional surrender or be relegated to mere colony status not a sovereign nation. We certainly don’t need more surface ships and that required spending as they are easy targets as I remember how Argentina sunk the British HMS Sheffield with the Exocet missile in the Falklands War.

    1. I do not want to see the weaponization of space but it is inevitable….so why not shut down the Afghan war and bring the troops home from Iraq….that should pay for the new force without hurt any other programs. chuq

  2. I looked up the distance from Earth to Europa.
    628.3 million km. That’s 390407520.083 miles.
    I doubt they will be ‘popping back’ to visit the kids very often. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. The camo uniform just revealed for the space force is a bit, um, silly! I suspect an all black (“black hole”) uniform would be a better deal in space where there are no ready objects to hide behind or in. LOL!

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