Sunday FYI

It is the weekend and I try to be an FYI blog, at least over this weekend.

I am always fighting this person or that over definitions and even a few with the “grammar police”…..but in keeping with the FYI thingy…..

Do you know what a “Glabella” or “apthongs” or “scroop” or finally a “caruncule”…..any idea what theses things mean?

Well the Old Professor is here to help you with all those difficult definitions……..

1. Glabella

The space between your eyebrows is a glabella. That’s also the name of the bone underneath that space that connects your brow ridges.

not to worry there are 47 more definitions

Now you have the definition for those things that use to be called a do-hickey or thingy or whachamacallit…..

You may thank me later but is not necessary as long as you enjoy the posts.

“lego ergo scribo”

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