VP Pence

Let’s say that Trump is removed from office….not saying he should be or will be…..just a supposition here…..if he leaves then Pence as VP will take over as president and what would his admin look like if this happened?

The U.S. House of Representatives, after several months of hearing testimony on the potential abuse of executive power within the Trump administration, voted along party lines, with the Democratic majority succeeding in impeaching the President of the United States for just the 3rd time in the nation’s history.

Taking charge after Barack Obama, analysts wobbled this way or that on what sort of policy Donald Trump would implement. A complete lack of a voting record, combined with the “drain the swamp” rhetoric of his campaign in the run-up to his election, suggested to some that Trump would not preserve the Bush-Clinton status quo of ever-increasing government spending, revolving occupational doors in Washington and seemingly endless warfare.

However the early appointments into his cabinet suggested business as usual, with several key positions being given to neo-conservative politicians who fit right in among the Karl Rove and Dick Cheneys of yesteryear.

State went to Michael Pompeo, while several neo-cons have cycled through Secretary of Defense and National Security Advisor, each more hawkish than the last. Finally the Vice Presidency was given to Mike Pence, who would take over the presidency if Trump is removed.

How Would a Pence Oval Office Look on the World Stage?

Personal opinion…..I cannot support a theocrat as president of the US…….religion should not be a motivator for government….I think this would be disastrous for the nation.

I may not like Trump much but I like Pence even less….he is a clown in royal robes…..a jester with an agenda.

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12 thoughts on “VP Pence

  1. Impossible to project what a Pence presidency would look like. He has not given much insight except to support Trump 100 %. But you can bet the demo-impeachocrats have compiled talking points to impeach Pence from day one too.

  2. If Pence became Pres. after a Trump trial, by the time he got things set up the way he wanted – the newly elected Pres. would be knocking on the White House door.

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