Getting The News Out

A Saturday and I would like to talk about local newspapers….they seem to be dying…..

That got to thinking about when I saw the local newspaper office that is close to my home…..


Now it is for sale…the building that is……


The Sun-Herald was our local paper it had won a Pulitzer (I believe) for its investigative journalism and now it is gone (not completely but mostly) it is small and printed in a city 90 miles away and shipped down to be delivered.

This is why I started thinking about local news…..and how the internet has helped them die a slow death……

Blame revenue siphoned by online competition, cost-cutting ownership, a death spiral in quality, sheer disinterest among readers or reasons peculiar to given locales for that development. While national outlets worry about a president who calls the press an enemy of the people, many Americans no longer have someone watching the city council for them, chronicling the soccer exploits of their children or reporting on the kindly neighbor who died of cancer.

Local journalism is dying in plain sight.

Can local newspapers ever make a comeback?

They were all broken not by national chains but by local newspapers — the Flint Journal, the Storm Lake Times, and the Charleston Gazette-Mail, respectively. Indeed, researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Notre Dame have found evidence that wasteful spending by local governments increases when there is no local newspaper to hold them accountable.

And that is not the only way in which local newspapers have had an impact.

A recent study by Duke University researchers found that local newspapers significantly outperformed local TV, radio, and online-only outlets in producing news stories that are original, local, or address a critical information need.

Can Local Newspapers Make a Comeback?

I think if they do make some sort of comeback it will be in the form of partisan crap….all balance will be gone….it would follow the way that broadcast news has been taken over by tribal corporations.

It is sad but my local newspaper will be gone and never to return in my lifetime.

What about your town or area….how are the newspapers doing?

Any thoughts?

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

8 thoughts on “Getting The News Out

  1. We have two local papers. One is very ‘local’, The Dereham Times, and the other ‘regional, ‘The Eastern Daily Press’. The Dereham Times comes out once a week, and I usually buy if for local news. The daily paper is mostly a rehash of the nationals.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. In Greensboro, NC now. After decades of the giant multifaceted Miami Herald this paper and that other one seem like high school produced student council weekly notes. See I really don’t even recall their names. Not much in the way of national news and even less of international and the local stuff seems pretty hokey. Perhaps if I had lived here most of my life the local news stories would be interesting even valuable but I don’y much care about what’s going on around here except for road construction reports so I can avoid them .

  3. I take the AJC, Print edition on Sunday for ny wife to read snd on line only the rest if the week. Circulation keeps dropping and paper gets thinner. Area if delivery keeps getting smaller.
    I log on and go through it every day. I still think it us worthwhile. Good coverage of local news in each part if metro area but I get most of news in my part of the metro area news on local websites and chat sites (is that term still used?)

  4. Newspapers have long since run their course in America. Many of them have been reduced in size to the point where elderly people can’t read them. Many papers are so biased as to turn the stomach of their readers who disagree with their bias. Many papers have become too costly to be viable in the market. Many newspapers are either not delivered or are tossed onto rooftops and people soon tire of using a ladder to retrieve their papers. Electronic media will soon replace these dinosaurs altogether. Another soon-to-be extinction will include the iconic “Public Library.” With the advent of electronics, there is no longer a need for a public stack of paper books. Electronics will also displace and eliminate the need or viability of printed Textbooks in schools and colleges as well. “Term Papers” and “Theses” will, someday very soon, all be done and presented on Multi-Media of one kind or another. The printing press is headed for the mechanical graveyard of history.

    1. They have to be biased to survive they want to feed the conversations so they take on the prevalent ideology of the region…..if they do not then social media becomes the “news” source and all the bias that produces. chuq

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