Warren And Medicare For All

All the major candidates have offered up their plans for health care….most want either a Medicare For All type of thing or they want to “reform” the ACA to make it better…..

I keep trying to stay ahead of all the BS swirling around the one idea that has the health industry running scared….https://lobotero.com/2019/10/28/can-we-afford-medicare-for-all/

One of the last major candidate to offer up her plan for a Medicare For All and how to pay for it is Warren…..and now we have her plan and let the criticism begin…..

Elizabeth Warren promised Friday to spend more than $20 trillion over the next decade to provide government-funded health care to every American without raising middle-class taxes—finally offering ideas about how to implement the massive “Medicare for All” program without taking a larger bite out of most Americans’ salaries. Her plan, posted online, is built on transferring to the government 98% of the $8.8 trillion she estimates that employers would spend on private insurance for their employees, per the AP. Remaining costs would be covered by “taxes on big corporations, Wall Street, and the top 1%—and enforcing the tax laws we have now,” she explains. “My Medicare for All plan gives everyone good insurance and cuts their health care costs to nearly zero—without increasing middle-class taxes one penny,” Warren says.

Companies with fewer than 50 employees would be exempted, and Warren said employers already offering health benefits reached under collective bargaining agreements will be allowed to reduce how much they send to federal coffers—provided they pass those savings on to employees. If the program fails to raise $8.8 trillion, Warren says she’d impose a supplemental contribution requirement for big companies “with extremely high executive compensation and stock buyback rates.” A critical question is how she’d slash the cost of her plan well below what experts have said it would take to implement it. Coming up with lower payment rates for hospitals and doctors that avoid disrupting the system would be a big challenge for a Warren administration and for Congress, where her plan could bog down.

Of course the critics are telling all sorts of consequences for her plan….but here is an industry whistleblower to explain it better…..

Now that we’ve seen Senator Elizabeth Warren’s plan to pay for Medicare for All without raising taxes on the middle class, let me tell you what is happening in Washington.

Forbes Tate, the Washington-based PR firm hired by big insurance, drug and hospital companies to create and run a front group called the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, will already have convened an urgent conference call with its clients to go over Warren’s plan and begin implementing a strategy to attack it. A big part of that strategy will be to reach out to reliable industry allies to do the dirty work.

One of those allies is likely to be the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB), a supposedly nonpartisan organization that issued a widely publicized report on October 28 insisting that, as Axios reported in its analysis of the report, “the middle class would be forced to shoulder some of the burden” of financing Medicare for All.

A health insurance whistleblower reveals how the industry will lie and attack Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare for All plan

Personally, It is time for a true health plan for ever person in this nation regardless of station in the society…..the industry has raped the people longer enough…..time for them to step up and be part of this country.

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16 thoughts on “Warren And Medicare For All

  1. I am curious.. and maybe you know this, chuq. On all these “medicare-for-all” options.. does that allow for discontinuing the VA medical? Seems to make sense if there’s free medical for all just close up the VA and merge that into the civilian program. Seems that would save a ton of bucks alone. As for giving veterans some additional “respect” for their service.. I dunno.. allow them to go to the head of the lines? An edge on making appointments? But it doesn’t seem much sense having free medical and still keeping the VA open. In fact.. because I make a little too much on income I have to pay the VA a co-pay. Does that vanish?

  2. I am sick and tired of presidential candidates promising what they can’t give. This is a perfect example. There will never be Medicare for all or Universal Healthcare in the U.S. This is not a socialist country and won’t be. We pay more for medical care than any other industrialized country. We are being raped by Pharmaceuticals and Insurance corporations. Putting a stop that their pillaging would be possible. Getting rid of them is not. Warren’s plan will leave about 2 million people jobless. It will not fly and she should not be running on ideas that will not see the light of day. Obamacare should be de compartmentalized and put together again. so far it’s the best plan we’ve had but needs big time work. The Republican’s have no plan but to continue to rape and pillage and deprive all in the name of the big corporations they live and die for.

      1. Well.. to begin with, socialISM is a form of government. SocialIST can describe a policy or program. Social Security is a socialist program. I think Obamacare is ok.. but needs big fixing.. as Obama even suggested when he rolled out the program originally. I am not sold (yet) on blowing away the entire insurance industry or portions of pharma just for free medical across the board for the reason the replier said. But.. anything short of complete free-for-all healthcare is just kicking the can down the road because our population growth alone is going to demand complete healthcare for all as the health threats increase with population growth. Not sure we need to do that now… or in the least, any plan should be introduced in phases to allow for economic and employment adjustment.

      2. The premise is socialist in action it is not for profit is the purpose of the industry nothing else…..socialism is a word to use for nothing else will do….. chuq

    1. You are right…this country will NEVER have a good health care because the industry does not want it….to pretend it is a socialist plot is just silly. chuq

      1. I’m not saying that it is a socialist plot at all. I’m saying the country is run by Corporations and con men and socialism will never happen here.

      2. Sorry I misunderstood…..and you are right because socialism has never been tried…..that best any could do was “state capitalism”….chuq

  3. If anyone comes up with a really good plan to provide equal healthcare regardless of income, race, location, or status, they will get called a ‘Communist’, and damage their potential votes. As long as any equality in the US is seen as ‘Socialism’, it doesn’t have a hope in Hell.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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