The Politics Of Change

We are looking at a change in politics as we know it.

Personally I am SICK of this pathetic promise.  CHANGE my ass!

I remember in 2008 the country was hoping for a change…we voted for change when we voted for Barak Obama and we got zilch…the status quo remained.

To illustrate my thoughts on this con job I offer a few of my earlier posts…..

There are others but I did not want to bore you…..

We could always listen to the pundits tell us about Obamacare or financial improvements or the consumer stuff or…..on and on…..and yet the economic inequality continued, the wealthy got wealthier, still no political progress….in other words change did not come….empty promises…the same empty promises as we always get.

And now we are in the 2020 cycle and change once again is on the tongues of Americans….and promise they cannot keep are on the tongues of the candidates that hope and pray they make it to the White House to see that things remain the same.

Keep in mind that the Dem presidents since Clinton have been big into the lie of change…..they promise and deliver nothing like progress.

The very mention of change is silly….they are the typical political lies of every election…”tell the voter what they ‘want’ to hear not what they ‘need’ to hear”…..

A paradox was created within the partisan frame: the last two Democratic presidents were the most successful Republican politicians of the neoliberal era. Bill Clinton oversaw the emancipation of capital and the final destruction of the idea of the polity. Barack Obama oversaw the resurrection of the neoliberal order, with the wealth and power of the oligarchs and corporate chieftains his central concern.

In the present, this tendency can be seen in the Democratic establishment’s favoring of Republican-like candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris over closer representatives of the nominal party ethos, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. In fact, were one to set aside the prior’s party affiliations to judge them by their political acts, both would clearly fall into the Republican purview. It is only by this skewed measure that Mr. Sanders and Ms. Warren aren’t mainstream Democrats.

This distance between the Democrat’s nominal ethos and its governing practices is alternatively explained as that between electoral marketing and service to power. Modern Democratic presidents have enacted truly radical programs. Mr. Clinton officially ended the New Deal in favor of giving capitalists free reign over American political economy. Mr. Obama resurrected neoliberalism following the massively disruptive circumstances it created.

Democrats and the Politics of Change

My point is stop believing the liars and start making the change you want.  Voting for the most “electable” candidate is NOT the way to get that elusive change.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


“Lego Ergo Scribo”

“et Certa Apud Verbis”

4 thoughts on “The Politics Of Change

  1. “Voting for the most “electable” candidate is NOT the way to get that elusive change.”

    Seems you’re right. But then who do we vote for ? The not electable candidates ? I’ve done that. Voted for McGovern in 1972 and Ralph Nader in 2000.

    1. I vote my policies and principles….that is why I have not voted for a winner since Carter…..I can say that I never compromised my principles….chuq

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