Time For That “Change” Yet?

For decades we the people of this country have been drying for some political change…..and for decades we have had NO substantive change….some minor reform here and there….but change is still waiting top appear.

The GOP has chosen their course for the foreseeable future…..they are tying themselves to the coattails of Trump.  They see so much wrong with the way he is governing but they refuse to speak up…..that is unless they have decided not to run for re-election….then they are all mouth.

The Liberals are the ones that cannot seem to find a course and stick to it…..the party lost its soul when it tied itself to Clinton in the 90’s….his so-called “center-Left” politics….the people found that his policies were more conserv than liberal….but it was sold to the public as “progressive”.

Some have seen the damage that Clinton did to society….maybe not the economy and his Wall Street buddies…..but society as a whole suffered from his polices….even though he was out of offices when it occurred it was still his policies that collapse the party.

Now it is time for a change (this time let’s mean it!)……..

The once-proud political project known as “centrism” is collapsing around the globe, despite increasingly desperate attempts by billionaire backers to revive it.

The center-right’s implosion can be seen in the weakened state of Theresa May’s Conservatives in Great Britain, the recent setback for Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, and the withering of the GOP’s Mitt Romney wing.

But what about the center-left, the “New Labour”/”New Democrat” phenomenon that once seemed to offer so much hope? Can it survive? More importantly, should it?

Source: The “Center-Left” Had Its Chance; It’s Time For Something New – LA Progressive

Apparently many are seeing this need…..a need for a new Democratic direction and a new message that the voter can get behind…..

The DNC needs to get on-board or the voter will move beyond…..change is still desired….but the voter is now looking for real change not the idle promises of those wanting desperately to hang onto power………

This will be something to watch if you are a political junkie…..will the DNC kick that damn can down that damn road again?


15 thoughts on “Time For That “Change” Yet?

  1. Everyone gets into the gig of complaining about the government – no matter who is Pres. But unless a change can be offered, complaining does nothing but aggravate the situation.

    1. true that and gets redundant and tiresome….every election has the same thing and change and all…..and yet we are stuck with the same stuff….year after year…..chuq

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